Space Rogue (1989) – Thank God This is the Last One – Let’s Play Entry 5

Stay in the Lines!
Stay in the Lines!

Welcome back to Space Rogue my friends! In this entry, I make my way to Deneb, barely, and get kicked out of TWO stations. Hilariously if you’re caught trying to break into a safe, they kick you RIGHT out and don’t let you dock again! HILARIOUS. ;) There was also some story stuff but blah blah whatever I’m never playing this again because god, it’s so annoying. I don’t recall being this annoyed/bored with other games back in the day, like Sentinel Worlds or Starflight 2 or Star Command, for example. I felt like I had a purpose in those. In this…man, I feel like a drifter. So weird. I doubt I’ll be playing this again.

Author: Brian Rubin

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