SGJ Podcast #08: Remembering LucasArts, Good & Bad

It Really WAS a Mercy Killing...:(
It Really WAS a Mercy Killing…:(

With emotions over LucasArts own legacy still running high (for me at least), Jim and I are joined by Chase “scharmers” Dahl to talk about the rise, fall, and sad kersplat that was LucasArts (they made me watch video of Kinect Star Wars for Pete’s sake! Poor Pete!).

We hope you enjoy hearing us ramble about both the good and bad days of LucasArts, and invite you to leave any comments below or on the forum. Thanks as always for listening and subscribing! :)

Podcast #08 Show Notes

LucasArts Games Mentioned:

Other Games Mentioned:

YouTube Videos of Various LucasArts Games For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Author: Brian Rubin

12 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #08: Remembering LucasArts, Good & Bad

  1. oh god.. pod racer was fucking amazing… can’t wait to try racers revenge!

      1. Woot!
        I don’t even own a PS2 anymore so not likely to try any time soon (would have to play it on some one else’s XD)

          1. No CD/DVD drive either :P So… I’d have to pirate that, and aint going down that rabit hole XD

              1. What do I need it for? I can install my operating system from thumbdrive or even second hard drive… or hell SD card. every single video game I own, I download. I watch DVD/Bluerays on the Blueray player upstairs.

                Anyway, DVD and CD are so tiny capacity, SD card is the way to go. I’ve got a handful of 16 and 32gb microsd cards laying around… cheap, compact, and can use a usb port instead of taking up an entire bay on the front of my computer.

                1. See, I still have so many games on disk that I couldn’t be without an optical drive of some type. How do you think I’m playing TIE Fighter right now? ;)

  2. So you spend all that time talking about LucasArts, and I’m going to comment on Star Trek. :-D

    I am glad to hear that I am not alone in truly hating any science fiction that involves time travel. I was so very disappointed in Enterprise because of that.

    As far as LA games go, TIE Fighter has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played. I also really enjoyed KOTOR (before I got bored with the BioWare style of games) and LEGO Star Wars. My wife & son really liked Monkey Island, but I never played it.

    I was one of those weird people who bought Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe when it first came out, but did not like it at all despite being heavily into combat flight sims at the time (Falcon and Aces of the Pacific). I actually returned/exchanged the game, and was accused by the manager at Babbage’s/EB (whichever one it was at the time) at Great Northern Mall of pirating it.

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