Off-Topic: My Thoughts are In Boston.

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None of This Today.

I was gonna resume posting the news today, and was also gonna post about how I feel like I can get back on the horse now in terms of writing more content. However, in the wake of the events in Boston, my thoughts are going to be with the victims and their families for the time being. Doesn’t feel right to post happy fun time news and such in the wake of what’s happened. Have a good day folks, and stay safe.

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  1. Arkangel says:

    sorry, lo siento
    parts of mankind should be ejected into space

  2. Nes Anderson says:

    Perhaps you are right.
    Though its times like these, when bad shit happens, that we need to smile the hardest and keep celebrating life. Death is just a reminder that we are all mortal and need to create the best of our short lives.

  3. Gee says:

    Horrible news. Best wishes and support from London.

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