SGJ Podcast #161 – Rogue System

So. Detailed.
So. Detailed.

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast my friends!! This week, Jim, Hunter and I welcome back our very first guest (from waaaayyy back in episode #3), Michael Juliano, to talk about his highly-detailed space flight and combat simulator, Rogue System, which has been in early access for a while and just came to Steam in early access a month or so ago. Rogue System, if you’re unaware, is striving for a level of fidelity not commonly seen in space flight sims. You’d have to go back to something like, say, Microsoft Space Simulator to find something similar. Striving for something like Falcon 4.0, but in space, this game looks to fill a niche that definitely needs filling. In the episode, we talk about the game and its history, coming to Steam, being the lone developer on a project such as this, and more. It’s always fun to talk to Mike, and this episode is no exception.

A small note before you listen though. We’ve returned to using Skype after so many folks had issues with Mumble, and many have reported the audio levels weren’t great. I also forgot to record this from Skype directly, so the audio is ripped directly from YouTube. I apologize if the audio quality isn’t the greatest for this episode, therefore, but hope you can still enjoy it regardless.

Next week on the show, we welcome back another former guest, Steve Hawkins, the developer of the character-focused space strategy game Imperia — which is akin to Crusader Kings in space — to get caught up with how that game is coming along! As always, you can suggest a guest or topic idea, or make a suggestion in the comments below, you can email us at or hit us up on the forums. Thanks for listening/watching, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Miscellaneous Items

Games Mentioned

  • F-19 Stealth Fighter
  • X-Wing Alliance
  • Falcon 4.0
  • F-15 Strike Eagle III
  • Elite Dangerous
  • DCS Flight Simulators
  • Star Citizen
  • Independence War 2
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Grand Theft Auto V
Author: Brian Rubin

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