What’s Coming Up This Week (7/23/18)

Welcome to another week of fun, spacey gaming my friends. It’s another one-off week, so we start with a preview of the upcoming turn-based tactical combat game, In Memory of Titan. I’ll also have videos of Lonely Astronaut, Starfighter Neon and Aeroplanoui later in the week, and we’ll end the week with a really funny […]

What’s Coming Up This Week (7/16/18)

Hello, my friends, and welcome to the first of several of what I’m calling, “one-off weeks”, in which I’ll cover a lot of smaller or pre-release titles so they get the coverage they deserve and don’t get lost amongst the flotsam of recent releases. This week, we start with the fun ARPG Star Valor, and […]

What’s Coming Up This Week (7/9/18)

Hello my friends, and welcome to a slightly lighter-than-usual week of spacey gaming! This week’s game wraps up our look at the Wing Commander series with its final game, Wing Commander: Secret Ops. It’s a real shame that the series stopped here, because it deserved a far better finale than this free, downloadable product was […]

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