Let’s Play Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Entry 5 – Eldar? How About Eldon’t? (and Multiplayer Bonus)


Welcome back to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada my friends, and I say that loosely. In this entry, I try a skirmish game with an Eldar admiral I created, and the game pits me against an AI opponent. Of course I lose. I mean seriously, I don’t mind losing once in a while, but EVERY TIME? C’mon game, gimme something, a reason to play, something! But no, this game spits in your face and asks you to like it. Well I don’t, and I can’t recommend it either.

Also, another treat for you! This past weekend, we made an impromptu bonus entry for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada! I was about to record a couple more videos for the series proper when my podcast co-host Jim popped on Steam and asked if I wanted to try multiplayer. “Sure,” I said. What a mess. FIRST I had to turn off Evolve because the game was apparently trying to use THAT network, and I also had to delete a config folder from the press version I’d be using for the preview (the press and final versions were using the same folder) and only THEN did we get it working. HOWEVER, we found we couldn’t do a 1V1 match. It was only 2V2, and we couldn’t choose who we were matched up against nor could we customize the match. It was a mess, especially when, after FINALLY getting in a match, the game completely bugged out for several of us. What a total wreck of a multiplayer mode. It’s really a shame. If you were thinking of getting this game for multiplayer: don’t.

Author: Brian Rubin

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