Catching You Up – Hailing Frequencies for 6/29/18

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So. Busy. Lately.

Hello my friends, and welcome to [whatever day this gets published] as I write this over a period of multiple days as I have slivers of spare time. It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these that I’m gonna parse it out over the next few [random amount of time] so I can get y’all caught up.

So as of today, 6/29/18, it’s been about 1.5 months since I wrote one of these. Life has been insanely hectic, with work, house guests and the like, that I’ve just not had time to write these, but as you can see below in the news section, a lot has happened. I’ve had time to play a lot though, so let’s start with that:

Wing Commander: Academy can barely be called a game. It’s basically a mission creation tool with a gauntlet mode thrown in, and it is SO. BORING. The best part about it, though? I can fly a Broadsword bomber AS MUCH AS I WANT. So that’s good.

Overload, the Descent follow-up from the folks who actually made Descent, is a masterpiece of level design and control. Seriously, it’s so good and you all need to own it.

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger bothers me in some ways, but it’s not bad, it’s just…not great…

Wing Commander: Armada is a mess of a thing that isn’t sure what it wants to be. Is it a strategy game? A sim? It doesn’t do well at either, unfortunately:

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom is my all-time favorite, and despite some technical difficulties, I have just as much fun with it as ever:

As for what I’ve been playing on my off-time, a lot of:

  • Steep – Which is AMAZING and fun and relaxing and hilarious and you all need to play it:
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division – Got it on super-steep sale and, after getting past a difficulty hurdle, I’m really enjoying it.
  • Dishonored – I keep trying this, though it stresses me out for some reason.
  • Warhammer 40:000 Inquisitor – Matyr – I think I’ve reached burnout with this one, but I still love it.

Now here we go to the big stuff. There’s so much news I’m gonna simply bullet it all for y’all. Here goes!

New Games Discovered:


Dev Updates:

Author: Brian Rubin

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