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SGJ Podcast #192 – Conquest: Frontier Wars

Hey friends, welcome to the Space Game Junkie Podcast (again, a little late, sorry, the week got away from me). This week, Jim, Hunter and I welcome back Director of Fun at Descendent Studios, Eric Peterson, to talk mostly about one of the finest space RTS games you’ll ever play, Conquest: Frontier Wars. We also… Read More »

Spacey Game News and Deals 10/11/13: Friday Light Edition

Hello folks, and happy Friday! The weekend is FINALLY here, and my GOD do I need it because I am soooo freaking tired. This week has kicked my ass, and I don’t even know why. Hopefully getting plenty of rest and gaming time this weekend will help. What are y’all up to this weekend, and… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #10: Infinite Spaces and Small Worlds

No, seriously. ;) This week Jim and I sit down with Iikka Keranen and Rich Carlson of Digital Eel games (who first met while working on Daikatana, no lie), the folks who created the Infinite Space series of Starflight-like roguelikes Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.  They have a Kickstater underway… Read More »