No Podcast This Week Due to Injury :(

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6 Responses

  1. aszurom says:

    1. You go where you’re looking.
    2. DO NOT get off the throttle. The bike will immediately stop turning. I got spooked because I was too fast into a corner and on a bad line. I chopped the gas.
    3. If you go into the grass, you’re going down. Try to look stylish about it.

  2. thefrawg says:

    Glad you’re not hurt too badly. I’m a cyclist also and have been in several accidents over my 25 years of riding. It’s going to happen, only the luckiest have never been in one. Frustrating when you know the accident was your fault and avoidable. My worst accident was one of those. Thankfully ended up with only a broken collarbone.

    I’m a big fan of Keith Code’s book and Lee Park’s book on riding.

    Also, full safety gear even when it’s blazing hot outside. Bare minimum armored jacket and helmet. Never shorts or open shoes.

  3. Scotten says:

    Some British guy took his key?

    Hope Jim gets better.

  4. SolCommand says:

    It’s good he’s not too badly hurt. I had a motorcycle accident too a few months ago so I know he could’ve ended a lot worse.

  5. aszurom says:

    Details of the accident explained here: on the latest episode.

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