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I know it’s not a game, but Fate of the Furious premieres today, and I can’t WAIT. Seeing it with a friend in IMAX later today. SO EXCITED!

So I apologize for not writing one of these yesterday. I was swamped from morning until dinner, seriously. I did post a new vid yesterday though, one which saw me win my campaign in After the Empire. Overall I really like the game, especially once I finally began to grok it a bit. There’s still a lot I need to learn, and I want to play at the higher difficulties, but overall I really like the game and can’t help but recommend it. If you go in not expecting a 4X but a wargame, you’ll have a good time. If you’re looking for something more nitty-gritty, their previous game, The Viceroy, is a better bet. Can’t go wrong with either, really.

Last night’s Space Hulk: Deathwing stream was a good time. Deathwing has definitely improved since last we played it, and we were having a pretty great time…until the game booted us all out. Not sure why. Jim was hosting and at some point, the game froze hard on him, so much so he needed to reboot, and then Spaz and I were kicked out of the game. It was a bit annoying, to say the least. We likely won’t revisiting that game again until it gets some more love from its developers, which it hopefully will. It did remind me that we’ve not played Space Marine in a while, so we need to return to that. After Deathwing crashed, Spaz suggested we play Dead Effect 2, so we did a few rounds of that, which is always a good time.

This weekend is gonna be super busy, what with Easter and all, so I likely won’t get much time to play anything. I hope to fit in enough time to make videos for both Stardrift Nomads and Vecitas, both twin-stick shooters with single-player content that basically came out at 1.0 within days of each other. I hope I have time to make full series of both, but we’ll see. It’s unlikely I’ll have time for anything else, sadly. :/

In news, the big stories are that Endless Space 2 comes out on May 19th, and then a week after that, Everspace will hit 1.0 as well! May is gonna be a buuuussy month. In other news…

In sales, you can get the entirety of the original Endless Space for $1. One dollar, friends. This is definitely to drum up interest for the aforementioned sequel coming out next month, but it’s a great idea. Humble is also having a Focus Interactive sale, so you can get Space Run Galaxy for $9.99 and Battlefleet Gothic: Armada for $19.99.

That’s it for me folks. Have a lovely weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

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