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Spacey Gamey News – 10/17/12

Helllooooooo, and happy Wednesday! We’re finally getting over the hump toward the weekend, and to help move things along in a positive way, here’s the latest spacey gamey news that I’ve found: First off, there is a LOT of news via Kickstarter today, so I’m gonna do this in *gasp* a SUBLIST: First off, the […]

Spacey Game News – 10/15/12

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a great week ahead. To help things start off on a positive note, here’s today’s latest spacey game news! In Kickstarter news, the ScrumbleShip Kickstarter has about 50 hours left as I write this, yet has made their funding goals. Yay! […]

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