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Shallow Space Q&A: Deep Fleet-Based Pack Tactics

A little while back, I discovered a few new space games to keep track of, and one of them was Shallow Space, a gorgeous looking tactical space combat game that immediately reminded me of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It promises deep tactical fleet action, the ability to create packs (like wolfpacks!), large sectors to fight and much more. I […]

Spacey Gamey Newsiness – 10/29/12

Hey y’all! I typically would say “happy Monday” here, but with a massive storm barrelling down on the east coast of the US here, I can only send my thoughts out to those affected. Stay safe people, and good luck weathering the worst of it, which is supposed to hit around now, actually. Ugh. I […]

Space Game News and Deals – 10/23/12

Hey y’all, welcome to Tuesday! I hope this week’s been treating you well. There’s a good chunk of spacey game news today, so let’s get right to it: In Strike Suit Zero news, on their Kickstarter page they’ve announced a new award tier that gets you a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Also, PC Gamer has […]

Spacey Game News – 10/22/12

Hey y’all, how y’all doin’? Still feeling tired and weak my own self, but my hunger has returned and I was able to get some sleep last night, so yay! I THINK I have enough energy to do the news, but if I meander off in the middle, please understand. ;) Now let’s do this […]

Spacey Gamey News – 10/17/12

Helllooooooo, and happy Wednesday! We’re finally getting over the hump toward the weekend, and to help move things along in a positive way, here’s the latest spacey gamey news that I’ve found: First off, there is a LOT of news via Kickstarter today, so I’m gonna do this in *gasp* a SUBLIST: First off, the […]

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