New Kickstarter Game Discovered: Limit Theory

Limit Theory Screenshot

Thanks a lot to reader Serge for sending this tip in (and reminder, if y’all know of a Kickstartered spacey computer game I’ve not covered yet, don’t hesitate to contact me directly).

Now, Serge wrote me to tell me about a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Limit Theory. It’s a single-player, procedurally generated open universe space game where the player can basically do whatever they want, from flying one ship to hundreds, landing on planets to owning property and a lot more. After watching the video, I gotta say, this one really clicked with me, so I’m quite excited about it.

So head over to Kickstarter and check it out, and stay tuned for a Q&A with the developer. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

21 thoughts on “New Kickstarter Game Discovered: Limit Theory

  1. Consider me intrigued. The screens remind me a lot of Terran Conflict, which I quite enjoy. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

      1. Sadly not. The Steam requirement put me off, so it looks like Terran Conflict is as far as I go. Unless, of course, they release a compilation pack without Steam down the line, or the next non-expansion doesn’t require it. I’m hoping so, but we’ll see. :/

        1. Don’t think so. X-Rebirth (whenever that comes out) seems to be Steam only, so I guess chances for non-Steam X are rather low. Still, you only need Steam for the install, Egosoft provides no-steam executable for AP and once installed the game can be moved to any other directory.

        2. Guys, they’re on GamersGate too, you know. ;) In fact they’re on sale right now. They’re linked in one of the previous days news roundups.

  2. Thanks for the props Brian. Josh looks like the real deal and I look forward to this game.

  3. This look brilliant! Bit worried about the one-man effort required but if what he’s shown us represents only three months work then consider me staggered! He should also dial back on the gas clouds just a little bit, to avoid falling into the ‘space is neon’ trap. Otherwise – gimme gimme gimme!

    1. Prime, I for one love my space having neon colours. I have serious doubts that in reality, space is only black/white.

      Also, Josh will definitely have my money, and not just the minimum amount like Elite. In fact, since it doesn’t look like the E:D campaign is really going anywhere, I will most probably withdraw my pledge and add it to the amount I consider to pledge to LT. After all, this seems to be the purest form of Elite even compared with the original Elite. Thank you Serge and Brian to pointing me to this great project!

      1. It’s the balance of neon/non-neon that needs to be right. Was there even one shot in that video that didn’t have some kind of misty, coloured skybox? Look up at the night sky sometime, tell me what you see. Florid colour-scapes or mostly black with pin-specks of white dotted all over the place? The latter is what we’re used to, which is why a game that features space predominantly coloured green, red, blue, orange…etc, seems so weird and alien and, dare I say, wrong. Space isn’t ONLY black/white (that’s would be absurd) but considering it’s so uncomprehensibly enormous the chances of you being in a neon coloured location are pretty remote and yet most space games seem to go nuts inside them. Pioneer is one of the very few that gets it right. Space is BLACK.

        Secondly, to agree with your second point Josh will probably have some of my money too. This project is too promising to let fail!

        1. Hey Prime,

          I will be the first to admit…I have a SERIOUS addiction to pretty colors and space dust. So it’s not really a surprise that most of the shots that I took for the video and screenshots ended up being in…rather colorful systems. But don’t worry, the real distribution in-game is quite a bit different. You can definitely expect to see a lot of very dark, non-neon systems!

  4. This Guy could show Braben some pointers at how to start a procedural created Universe properly on KS :)
    Anyway, it looks stunning and a bit mind-bending; Seeing how it’s made by a single person….just like it used to be back in the days.

    Good luck Josh, you just rocked the Space-Fanbase!

    1. OMG I know right? This so far is an example, to me, of how to do a Kickstarter campaign right!

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