7 thoughts on “Firefly Online Trailer Posted!!!

  1. Love Firefly, love Fillion, but this is the worst trailer for anything I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I hope it’s fun, but Jesus…

    The Papyrus just puts it over the Awful Edge.

      1. “If IIIiiii were a captain, I’d be BIG and STRONG and HANDSO– god. It’s the cheesiest thing that has ever existed. And the cheap production values just scream “we didn’t actually put any effort into this, we spent all our money getting Nathan to appear for three seconds.”

        But you hated Endless Space, so we’re never going to agree on anything.

        1. Well, Endless Space IS overrated.. it is not truly awful but there are many 4x space games that are much better and less frustrating.
          About the Firefly game.. would be reaaaally shiny if that is going to be done good.. though for my part there is always a huge amount if scepticism when it comes down to games pertaining to a film and/or book universes. Still waiting for a great one, but in some cases (Battletech) at least some decent games were made, even though it took some time =:D
          Fingers are crossed for Firefly anyways.. what was that, hope dies when the monkey finishes knitting the wedding cake.. or something =:D

          1. I’m not sure Endless Space is overrated when half of the gaming public, and 100% of the creators of this website call it a steaming pile of garbage. :D

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