SGJ Podcast #02: Give Me a Ship and a Song to Steer Her By…

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We Need a Better Logo…

Hey everyone, welcome to episode #02 of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I try to become more streamlined and efficient (me especially), yet still discuss some news, some games, and our main topic, the best music from spacey games!

All the notes for the show are below, and feel free to comment on the show either here in the comments or on our forum. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget if you want to subscribe, you can use the icons in the sidebar on the left for our RSS feed or iTunes page. Thanks again!

Podcast #02 Notes


Games We Played This Week:

Miscellaneous Links:

  • Trance Around the World

Topic – Music from Space Games:

Conquest: Frontier Wars

Developer/Date: Fever Pitch Studios, 2001 | Composed by: James Hannigan and Andrew Sega | Sample Track: Terran Game Music | Get it at GOG


Distant Worlds

Developer/Date: Code Force, 2010 | Composed by: Unknown | Sample Track: Action 2 | Get it from Matrix Games


Emperor of the Fading Suns

Developer/Date: Holistic Design, 1996 | Composed by: Tim Carrol, Ernie Ernest, Scott Moskos, Colin Rea and Barry Suttle | Sample Track: Madrigal | Get it from Amazon


Endless Space

Developer/Date: Amplitude Studios, 2012 | Composed by: Fly By No/Game Audio Factory | Sample Track: Falling Night Stars | Get it from Bandcamp


EVE Online

Developer/Date: CCP Games, 2003 | Composed by: Jon Hallur | Sample Track: EVE Rock – Mission Music | Get it From The Official Site



Developer/Date: Digital Anvil, 2001 | Composed by: James Hannigan and Andrew Sega | Sample Track: Races/Battles | Get it from Amazon



Developer/Date: Subset Games, 2012 | Composed by: Ben Prunty | Sample Track: MilkyWay (Battle) | Get it from Bandcamp


Galactic Civilizations II

Developer/Date: Stardock Entertainment, 2006 | Composed by: Mason Fisher | Sample Track: Galactic Civilizations II Main Theme | Get it from The Official Site



Developer/Date: Relic Entertainment, 1999 | Composed by: Paul Ruskay | Sample Track: Turanic Raiders Battle Music | Get it from Amazon


Really Big Sky

Developer/Date: Boss Baddie, 2011 | Composed by: Mike Smith (this track), Mr. Pineapple & James Whitehead | Sample Track: My Religion (Big Sky Theme) | Get it from Desura, only place I know that includes the soundtrack. I might’ve gotten in strictly through a bundle, however.


Star Ruler

Developer/Date: Blind Mind Studios, 2010 | Composed by: Artem Bank | Sample Track: End of It All | Get it from Bandcamp


Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Developer/Date: LucasArts Entertainment, 1994 | Composed by: Peter McConnell | Sample Track: Star Wars Tie Fighter – Battle music (Arranged) | Get it from Amazon



Developer/Date: Vicarious Visions, 2000 | Composed by: Todd Masten | Sample Track: Begin Transmission | Get it from Amazon


Wing Commander

Developer/Date: ORIGIN Systems, 1990 | Composed by: The Fat Man | Sample Track: Wing Commander | Get it at WC News


Wing Commander Saga

Developer/Date: WCSaga Team, 2012 | Composed by: Tim Janssens | Sample Track: Hermes | Get it at the Wing Commander Saga Downloads Page

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #02: Give Me a Ship and a Song to Steer Her By…

  1. Thank you guys. Quite a selection. Special thanks for Tie fighter music. One of very few games, where music was the key element: it was indicating to you all the time how it all goes. You get some level music while things were quiet , but as star wars fanfares struck you immediatly know you should look around quickly – something big is happening. It takes a special talent to blend all this small packages of music so it will sound like neverending stream, and still caries a lot of meaning.
    I will shamelesly use an invitation to comment on more music and point out some of soundtrack, which i listening from time to time separately, since they are good:
    1. Ur-quan Masters – the best one for me out there
    2. Space rangers 1 and 2 (originally russian games, i believe it was translated to English)

    Also Privateer I music was quite memorable,
    And there was an old game (which were recently dug up and has been remade for IOS) Ascendancy, THe soundtrack list was not huge, but it was not tiring to listen to it for hours for some reason,which means something.

    1. Hey, welcome tsubasanut, and thanks so much for your kind words on the podcast. The choices you suggested are indeed awesome, no doubt. :)

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