Star Citizen Hornet Fighter Receives Revamp and New Variants, Goes on Sale


Today’s big news is that the Hornet heavy fighter in Star Citizen has not only received a revamp in its design, but there are now three new variants as well: The Ghost stealth fighter, the Tracker ECM fighter and the Super Hornet heavy fighter, which is apparently as close as you can get to a military-spec version of the thing. I personally am digging the new look, and might even upgrade my Hornet to the Super variant. You can check out all the variants by heading to the official site, and see the thing in action below. Wheee!

Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “Star Citizen Hornet Fighter Receives Revamp and New Variants, Goes on Sale

  1. Haha, I know that video displays 0% in-game footage, but holy crap! This game needs to come out now! (Ok, not really, or else I’ll never finish developing Escaping Titan – but still.)

    Looking forward to touring the skies with you man.

    1. Where are getting your information about 0 %? As a developer yourself you shouldn’t really speculate like that when the information is readily available.

      The release of the trailer on the RSI homepage says its 100 %?in-engine. Only camera angles are different since you play the game mostly in first person.

      1. Cool, thanks for the update Zordian. Didn’t actually research, just was typing in excitement the second Brian posted. My hyperbole was just my way of saying the game will not play like what you are seeing there – i.e. most players will not be switching their camera angles in combat to dynamic views. Though this was ‘in-engine’, the gaming experience will be less cinematic — which is fine, because they obviously what it to be cinematic as if it were an “in-universe” ad. Thus the voice over spokesman and the character saying “Honey, got the ice cream you ordered”.

        (In-engine doesn’t always mean in-game, I can code a pre-orchestrated cutscene ‘in-engine’ that will play during the game, but because many of the drawcall variables are removed during the cutscene, the processing needs from the GPU are reduced, and I can get it to look much better than the actual game itself will appear when playing outside of the cutscene – even though both were done in the same engine.)

        Never the less, I appreciate the research Zordian. Thanks for correcting me. I want to take nothing away from the RSI team, nor did I mean to – this should be a great game!

        1. No problem but as I understand it this will be the gameplay quality as well.

          “We’re pushing the limits with Star Citizen, and this commercial is our best example yet. It’s rendered 100% in-engine in real time at 4k resolution. We scale everything for the super high resolutions that will be the basis of tomorrow’s gaming experience; our assets are designed with high polycounts instead of having details baked into their textures. That’s a big part of why NVIDIA and AMD have been demoing Star Citizen at 4k! The next generation of CPUs and GPUs will make this kind of experience possible in gameplay, and we are building Star Citizen to be ready.With the Hornet commercial, we wanted to give our backers an early look.”

          “So basically, Star Citizen will be capable of looking this good – even if you’ll probably need a nuclear-powered supercomputer to make it happen.”

          1. Oh and I didn´t just write it towards you the first Tyler.
            I wanted to make sure people reading the comments did not get the wrong idea.

            And even if you were not such a person there are enough people trying to spread the wrong impression about this game.

          2. Sweet, thanks again Zordian. Like I said, definitely didn’t mean to take away from these guys because it looks insanely good – just didn’t look like what I’d be seeing when playing (mainly because I, like Brian as he mentioned in his hanger walkthrough, will need an upgrade to play this bad boy).

            Thanks for the direct links too!

            (lol shame my nuclear-powered super computer is on backorder…)

            1. Oh don´t I know it ;) Gonna need a rainbow and a pot to fix a new comp inless my economy picks up.

              1. Well best of luck man. I need a new graphics card at very least – mine isn’t DX11 compatible! I’m looking at the dirt cheap ones just so I can walk my hanger (lol I was ‘allowed’ to download on my friends PC so I could check it out quick).

                Is it sad that the video game DEVELOPER has a worse computer than his GAMER friend?

                1. Yeah I know. Or worse people who don´t even play games just surf and use word and such low demanding tasks.

                  I can all least walk around now with my 560i but I dread for the dog fighting module and the card´s been acting up aswell lately.
                  But for the real game gonna need a card and new rig too I´m afraid.

                  Godd luck to you and your game to btw ;) Its been a while since I was in the biz but its fun and tough!

                  1. Thanks – its rough, but like you said, fun.

                    And Brian, that sounds like an offer to fly around us all the time to protect us while we chug along. ;)

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