OMGOMGOMG GOG Gets Star Wars Rebellion (and Others)!

By | 01/22/2015
Just Let the Computer Play the Battles...

Just Let the Computer Play the Battles…

GOG has done it again! First they kick things in gear by releasing X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance for the first time ever digitally earlier this week. NOW they’ve released one of the diamonds in the rough of Star Wars gaming, the exceptional (I think) strategy game, Rebellion. Oh, and they released Rogue Squadron 3D too, but whatevs. REBELLION! ;)

4 thoughts on “OMGOMGOMG GOG Gets Star Wars Rebellion (and Others)!

  1. Fernando

    Greetings from Brasil. Finally, after 10 years a New Hope… opss, chance to play this gem.

  2. Finally got digital tie fighter and it's actually better than piracy.

    Y U NO like rogue squadron 3d? Is good game.

    1. recklessprudence

      I like your username, but I must disagree. Until GoG releases the definitive edition, the DOS CDs, of both TIE Fighter and X-Wing, piracy shall still be superior.

      That said, I bought the _shit_ out of the GoG editions. Pretty much had to, really.

      1. Brian RubinBrian Rubin Post author

        Sigh, as loathe as I am of piracy, I can’t completely disagree as yeah, the CD-ROM DOS versions are really the pinnacle of the whole shebang.


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