Quick Spacey News Digesty Thing 7/30/14: Damn RL…

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4 Responses

  1. SpaceEnthusiast says:

    Doesn’t look like that Exodus of Sol loyalty discount applies to the preorder yet.

  2. Serial Kicked says:

    Thanks for featuring Unending Galaxy !

    By the way, it shouldn’t be exactly news to you :)
    We talked about it on Google+ a few months ago (granted, at that time, UG was very, very “alpha”). You wanted me to contact you back, which i did using the contact form. Not sure it works fine though, especially as I may have forgotten to disable my no-script plugin here at the time.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey Serial Kicked, and welcome! Did we talk about the game? I’m so sorry it must’ve fallen through the cracks after we spoke about it. I’m using Trello to keep track of such things now, and putting things in the Wiki as soon as I find out about them, which is much easier than the list that was up previously.

      • Serial Kicked says:

        Thanks, and no worries, I know the feeling. Yes we did a bit but I was also a modder for X3 (Pirate Guild and ADS may ring a bell), and it was just after the release of XRebirth, so I am not 100% sure what you wanted to talk about.

        Anyway, UG should enter beta in September, with an official release / trailer thingy. Hopefully it will be harder to miss :)


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