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SGJ Podcast #166 – Star Trek: Elite Force II

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast my friends!! This week, Jim, Hunter and I welcome back long time guest (this is, I think, his fourth time on the show) Christopher Stockman of Battle of Sol/Fleets of Sol fame (which are all on sale right now, by the by) to talk about his involvement in… Read More »

Spacey Game Deals All Around!

I typically don’t have time to post every sale on spacey games, but god DAMN there’s a ton of ’em right now, so I had to chime in so y’all didn’t miss any! ;) Here goes! First off, as part of Steam’s Weeklong Sales, we have some great deals such as: Parkan 2 for $0.99!!! Seriously… Read More »

Quick Spacey News Digesty Thing 7/30/14: Damn RL…

Helloooo my friends! Sorry for the lack of updates or news, life has been CRAZY of late with work being busy along with apartment hunting/moving stuff. Rather than go through all the news of the past few weeks, today I’m gonna hit some of the highlights to help keep y’all informed. Once the move is… Read More »