Elite: Dangerous Beta Drops Today!!!


I am so silly excited for this! If y’all’ve been wondering why I’ve not yet done any Elite: Dangerous videos, it’s because I didn’t have access to the premium beta, unfortunately. As of today, however, with the regular beta becoming available, I’ll be able to join the game proper, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The single player missions I’ve been able to toy with just feel so damned RIGHT, and it looks and flies fantastically. If y’all are also in the beta along with me, hit me up and share your commander’s name below in the comments. Mine is Veloxi (of course). ;)

I’m still surprised at how much I’ve come around to this game. I’m so glad it’s looking as awesome as it is right now, and can’t wait to dive into its universe. See ya in-game!

Author: Brian Rubin

20 thoughts on “Elite: Dangerous Beta Drops Today!!!

  1. I am now in the market for a good joystick / Hotas setup. I am doing the single player missions and getting stuck on Incursion. Surviving all those waves is very hard. It is teaching me to be a better pilot but I think I would do better w/ Joystic & Hotas.

    1. Welcome to the comments Consider the Following, and that’s fine, you can wait until the final version drops. I just don’t have that kind of patience. ;)

      As for the rest of y’all, I’ll be adding you to my friends list soon. :)

      1. Hopefully get to play again at the weekend and will be adding you all, though I’m in the UK so don’t know if I’ll see any of you online lol

  2. How do you even pick a name? I haven’t found a way to do that yet.

    And, I’m seriously not loving the mouse controls., Maybe if it was like Freelancer…

    Isn;t there any way to use a joystick?

    1. I think you go here, create an account and then go to the commander name section. https://support.zaonce.net/http/user/loginform

      I am not 100% sure if non-backers can do this. I backed it so I was able to setup my Commander name a loooooong time ago.

      As to Joysticks, yes they work. Right now I am trying to figure out if I want to spend $50 on a semi-cheap Thrustmaster w/ a Joystick/Hotas or spend more for a Saitek or CH system. I am not going crazy with some of the awesome Thrustmasters that cost up to $500.

      1. That login page takes me to a support page where one could manage support tickets.

        The main store page has a “My Account” section, but there’s nothing in it about picking a name for any commander. :-/

        How do you switch from mouse to joystick? I’d love to use my Warthog HOTAS and trackIR…

          1. Ahhh, how intuitive! A completely different website! :-D

            The only option under “Controls” on my install is “keyboard and mouse”, hence my confusion. Guess I may need to contact support…

  3. Thrustmaster HOTAS X + TrackIR = simulator heaven.

    I know it’s only in Beta, but I fail to understand how any space game could ever be better than this. During the premium beta, I said “this looks like it could be the best space game ever”, but now that I see what they’ve done with the real Beta, I… It’s just…

    I’m 43 years old, and I’ve been hoping for this game since I was 12. That’s all I’ll say.

    31 years worth the wait.

    1. Brian, I enjoyed your twitch stream last night! Well actually I only watched for a couple minutes, particularly the minutes where you quoted me as waiting for 31 years for this game but once again forgot who said it! GREAT STUFF!! :D

      “I forget who said it, but… four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation…” – B. Rubin

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