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SGJ Podcast #153 – Close Order

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast my bestest of best friends! :) This week, Jim, Hunter and I welcome back former guest, friend of the show and all around awesome guy Nicholas Laborde, Founder and Chief Storyteller of Raconteur Games to discuss his fleet-based shooter, Close Order! This is the first show… Read More »

The News Cannon for 1/8/15: The OMG-What-Happened-to-the-Last-Couple-of-Days Edition

Hey folks, happy Thursday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday (and maybe the day before too), but it turned out to be a WACKY CRAZY day in many ways, and I just ran out of time and energy. I’m back with a bit of extra news to make up for it, so let’s dive… Read More »

Quick Spacey News Digesty Thing 7/30/14: Damn RL…

Helloooo my friends! Sorry for the lack of updates or news, life has been CRAZY of late with work being busy along with apartment hunting/moving stuff. Rather than go through all the news of the past few weeks, today I’m gonna hit some of the highlights to help keep y’all informed. Once the move is… Read More »