Flotilla for $2.49 on Steam Today

Flotilla Screenshot

Colorful, Tactical Pew-Pewness!

There’s this little space indie tactical game called Flotilla that I played a while back and enjoyed. It’s got some random elements and fun, if sometimes frustrating, tactical combat. Well, today it’s on sale on Steam for $2.49, so it’s an easy buy if you like tactical space action.

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2 Responses

  1. SolCommand says:

    I remember playing this a very long time ago and although I didn't became a fan I still have to admit the design is pretty slick and it should appeal to hard core fans of the genre.

    • Brian Rubin Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, I wasn't blown away either or anything, but it was a good time, and should appeal to space tacticians. :)

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