Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 10 – How Come I Never Get the Good Ships…

TIE Fighter Entry 10 Screenshot
A-Wings Aren’t So Horrible in a TIE Bomber…

First they give me an Assault Gunboat. Sigh, I say, but I’ll take it. THEN they give me a freaking TIE Bomber. What? Do they hate me? Do they WANT me to hate my job? C’mon Empire, you got more ships than this.

Yeah, I do two missions this time — sorry about the video length, the first mission was so short I figured I could fit two in — in Battle 3 all about the horribly-dull named NL-1 space station. The missions are:

  • Battle 3, Mission 4: Guard Space Station NL-1
  • Battle 3, Mission 5: Thrawn Inspects NL-1

And they end up being more fun than I expected, given the crap nature of the ships I get to fly. Please enjoy this latest installment of my look into TIE Fighter.

Author: Brian Rubin

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