Month: January 2012

Spacey Snippets – 1/31/12

Hey y’all, been dang busy with SOL: Exodus stuff and work and so on, so a LOT of news has occurred since my last snippet entry. With that said, let’s dive right in, shall we? :) The Drox Operative blog has a new entry about subraces. The folks over on Hard-Light are preparing their latest release […]

Flotilla for $2.49 on Steam Today

There’s this little space indie tactical game called Flotilla that I played a while back and enjoyed. It’s got some random elements and fun, if sometimes frustrating, tactical combat. Well, today it’s on sale on Steam for $2.49, so it’s an easy buy if you like tactical space action.

SPAZ on Sale on Steam

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m dang busy with work and working on my next SOL: Exodus diary entry, but I wanted to chime in and let y’all know that Steam is having a sale on the fantastic Space Pirates and Zombies throughout the entire weekend until Monday morning for $4, so if you’ve not jumped on […]

StarDrive Q&A with Daniel DiCicco

A while back, we discussed a space action/4X game on Kickstarter called StarDrive. Several months later, the game reached its funding goals — and much more — making the game a reality. I then contacted the StarDrive’s creator, Daniel DiCicco, and asked for a Q&A to create some buzz for the game, which is described […]

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