SOL: Exodus – Hacking and Slashing

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6 Responses

  1. SolCommand says:

    I'll be getting this game soon :)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, it's a fun time! :)

    • Jason Goemaat says:

      Well, I’m stuck on the mission at the station. I just keep fighting wave after wave of those drones as the Dawn’s Hammer fires missiles at the Atlas. I’ve sat there and defended the atlas for over 30 minutes with nothing happening except its health slowly decreasing. There’s either a bug or the game isn’t supposed to be any fun.

      • Brian Rubin says:

        Welcome to the blog, Jason! Is that the mission at the base (the 4th I think) where you have to protect the Atlas from waves of incoming drones? That’s a toughie, I basically ran through the target list and just tried to get every drone targeting the Atlas. I didn’t get ’em all, so she took some damage, but eventually I won. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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