Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 1/31/14: The Holy-Crap-That’s-a-Lot-of-News Edition

Hello my friends, and welcome to Friday! It’s been a nutty week for me, so I apologize for the lack of stuff, but I’m going to try to make up for that today with one Hugh Jass news post. Please join me as I dive into the deep end of this newsiness pool! The Last […]

Spacey Game News 7/31/13: Bye Bye July Edition

    Helllllooo everyone, and happy Wednesday! Can y’all believe July is over already?! Where the heck did it go? Anyway, how’s your week going? Mine’s been kinda weird, started off with a sick day and just been tired ever since. Blah. I have enough energy for news though, so let’s get to it! Eterium […]

Massive Newsey Updatey Thingy!!

Haaaaaaaayyyyy folks, happy Whenever-I-Finally-Post-This! ;) I hope these last weeks have found you all well, and less busy/tired than I’ve been. ;) I’ve just not had time to do the news (or much else) in the past several weeks. That’s a-changing though, for a couple of reasons. First, work is slowing down, so I’ll have […]

Imperium Galactica Stargazer Incoming!!

While most news goes into the daily digest, I’m just too much of an Imperium Galactica fan to not give this some extra attention. According to a press release, the Digital Reality folks have just launched a tech demo of its new Stargazer engine, which will be used in an upcoming online Imperium Galactica game! Apparently the […]

New Games I’ve Been Made Aware Of…

So thanks to Doctor Roxo on the forum and Adam over on Space Sector, I’ve been made aware of a few new games I wanted to share with y’all. These include: Open-IG – An new open source version of Imperium Galactica. Pytheas – A spacey construction and exploration game. Star Made – A Minecraft style space […]

Beyond Beyaan Q&A: Lofty Goals, Passion and Ambition

I was engaged in an email conversation with the creator of Beyond Beyaan, Brent “Zeraan” Patterson, about his upcoming game, when he hit me with the following statement — which he said I could quote — after asking me if I like Master of Orion 1 over MoO 2 (don’t worry, I love ‘em both): […]