Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 1/31/14: The Holy-Crap-That’s-a-Lot-of-News Edition

Hey Lookit! A New News Graphic! Yay!

Hey Lookit! A New News Graphic! Yay!

Hello my friends, and welcome to Friday! It’s been a nutty week for me, so I apologize for the lack of stuff, but I’m going to try to make up for that today with one Hugh Jass news post. Please join me as I dive into the deep end of this newsiness pool!

  • The Last Federation – Hey, lookit, finally some footage of this game we discussed on our podcast a little while back! Check it out!
  • Star Citizen – A ton of stuff, so let’s not waste time. The Next Great Starship contest begins today, then in-game we have a look at Aegis Dynamics, news fom the Kaizen system and the first episode of Dateline: Sesen. In the real world we have concept shots of an asteroid hangar, a joystick poll, a new lore builder looking at the navy and another episode of Ten for the Chairman. Moving away from the official site, Stick and Rudder has a look at the squad system, and YouTube user starwolf has a video looking at the Constellation. Whew!
  • EVE Online – If you missed it, a massive battle totalling over $300,000 in real-world losses (based on the in-game currency that can be traded for real money) erupted a few days ago once a rent payment was missed, basically. CCP estimates around 7,500 players have taken part in the fracas, which looks pretty impressive. Somewhere in the midst of this, CCP also managed to launch Rubicon 1.1 which fixes a bunch of stuff.
  • Kerbal Space ProgramEurogamer took some time to review the game while Polygon spent some time look at the people behind it along with the game’s history. Both articles are awesome. :)
  • Star Ruler 2 – Thanks to Space Sector for letting us know about a Devstream (their word, not mine) of the game recently, which clocks in at nearly two hours. Wowie. You can also learn more on the podcast we had with ‘em a while back. ;)
  • Elite Dangerous – The latest development diary talking about multiplayer has been released, and you can read all about it on Rock, Paper Shotgun. :)
  • Sierra Ops – I’d never heard of this game until the Indie Games Weblog mentioned it. It looks kinda nifty, and also has an IndieGoGo page going going, so check it out.
  • Wing Commander – Lots of news out of the CIC recently. First, they’ve announced the winners of their 2013 Best Website of the Year contest, and the winner is Howard Day’s Concordia Hanger! Congrats Howard, that thing is AWESOME. They also found a Let’s Play of Prophecy, a review of Wing Commander 2 on Rock, Paper Shotgun, a wooden model of a Confed Hellcat and some art depicting Kilrathi cap ships.
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – Not just one but TWO video dev updates for your viewing pleasure over on Kickstarter (and below)!
  • Predestination – Their Kickstarter finished VERY successfully indeed, so yay! They also did a livestream answering questions and talking more about the game. We hope to have these folks on the podcast soon, so stay tuned.
  • Beyond Beyaan – Thankfully Brent is still alive (his words) and has an update covering asteroids and more!
  • Eterium – The final version of the beta is nearing completion! YAY! The demo was also updated as well. Can’t wait to play more of this bad boy.
  • GoD Factory: Wingmen – A new blog post details some of the rewards the players receive for completing tasks during a match. They’ve also reached beta, apparently! Yay!
  • Limit Theory – The month is over, which means a new development update! YAY! Can’t wait to watch it! This one covers the a new HUD and more. (Edit: Links fixed, thanks Josh!)
  • Rodina – The votes are in, and apparently Brendan will be working on the nuts and bolts of the game next, including damage and fire in the INSIDE of the ship. LOVE IT.
  • Starpoint Gemini 2RPGWatch points to a preview of the game on GamerFitNation along with two more previews on Monstervine and Twinfinite, while I found the preview on the Escapist entirely on my own. ;)
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – On their Kickstarter, they have a post covering modding as well as a partnership with Curse, while on their website they announced their own wiki! Yay, I love wikis! Seriously, I love ‘em, so awesome all around. Oh, they also have a patch for their alpha as well (sorry folks, putting this together in and out of order).
  • Deep Space Settlement – Over on Twitter (grumble grumble) there’s a new screenshot of some sexy space paneling. They also have a video on how to build a cruiser.
  • Galactic Civilizations III – Space Sector has a community Q&A with some of the devs behind the game, which is nice, lengthy and detailed.
  • Approaching Infinity – According to a new blog post, you can now purchase an early access version of the game via (whom I’ve never heard of) as well as enter a level design contest.
  • Space Engineers – A new dev blog talks about the multiplayer release of the game and how it’s going.
  • Drox Operative – There’s a review of the expansion over on RandomNPC.
  • Distant Worlds – Prolifit YouTuber and Awesome Person Das24680 has a new video in his series of Let’s Play videos on the game.
  • Imperium Galactica – According to Indie Retro News, there’s a new version of OpenIG with a bunch of minor fixes to the open version of this fantastic game (seriously, it’s awesome).
  • Kinetic Void – There’s a new version of the game, according to their Kickstarter, that includes skybox generation, mining drones and more. Might have to try this one again.
  • Galaxy Union – James Allen has a video review of the game on his YouTube channel.
  • Astrobase Command – A new blog post details what they hope is the, short, mid and long term goals for their project, which look pretty reasonable.
  • And Here the Wheel – It’s balls to the wall time for this Elite: Dangerous tie-in novel and its author!
  • Trek73 – Over on what appears to be the official site for the game (where I got a copy for my review at least), there’s a lengthy new post detailing game tactics and usage. Good stuff if you want to give the game a try.

Wowie, you guys, that was around a week’s worth of news. ONE WEEK. 2014 is gonna be buuuuusy, and I hope I can keep up. We’re not done though, as I found some deals for y’all! First, as part of Steam’s current week long deals, you can get SpaceForce: Rogue Universe and Genesis Rising each for $1.25, which isn’t bad as both of these games are at the very least a decent time. Next, GameFly has a sale on several early access games, and this includes:

Just a little more folks! In interesting related stuff, Jim found this thingy that lets you assemble 2D modular spaceships. Then, Rock, Paper Shotgun has an article about a space shuttle simulator in a caravan. Not making that up. Finally, Jumpgate pilot Xog took our recent podcast and made a video of him listening to it while flying around the game.

Oh my god, that post took over two hours in total spread out over a few sessions to put together. Two. Hours. I need a better way to do this, or more time, or something. ;) Don’t worry, I’ll keep doing it because I love you crazy kids, but still, wow. Anyway, have an awesome weekend folks, and may you enjoy lots of gaming time. :)

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Spacey Game News 7/31/13: Bye Bye July Edition


Stack of Newspapers

A Bundle of Newsiness!


Helllllooo everyone, and happy Wednesday! Can y’all believe July is over already?! Where the heck did it go? Anyway, how’s your week going? Mine’s been kinda weird, started off with a sick day and just been tired ever since. Blah. I have enough energy for news though, so let’s get to it!

  • Eterium – Finishing their campaign with $810 above their goal in what felt like a photo finish, this game was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Congrats to Andrew and the team!
  • Imperium Galactica – Digital Reality sent out a press release stating that development for this online-only installment to the series was being suspended due to “purely professional considerations.” CEO András Peller stated that “development did not proceed in a way that it would have justified the continuation of the project.” Pretty vague, yeah, but not unsurprising since we’ve heard so little about this project since its announcement. Ah well, maybe they can work on Imperium Galactica III now. ;)
  • Starpoint Gemini II – One of the devs emailed me to let me know that there’s new stuff to show off! First off, there’s a new video called Showreel Perun showing a little bit of in-engine gorgeousness with the Perum dreadnaught. They also have some new pictures via Twitter, including an ambient shot, some gate/space monster thing, and a starchart! Finally, the devs are taking suggestions and requests over on the SpaceSimCentral forums. Wheeee!
  • Beyond Beyaan – Brent (the developer) just emailed and let me know that his game will be part of a sci-fi bundle through starting August 9th (or 7th for early access, whatever that means).
  • Infinite Space III – The latest update for July is live on their websie, which includes a video of some gameplay, which I’ll embed below.
  • Ring Runner – Giant Bomb has a lovely article talking to the Dryeres about their five year journey to make the game.
  • Kerbal Space Program – The latest issue of KSP Weekly is up, and there’s an interview on VideoGameGeek News with the developers (who I’ve also been trying to talk to my own self).
  • Star Citizen – You can see some work in progress on the Avenger fighter as well as a news update on Kaizen adding some in-game fiction flavor. PC Gamer also has a “How I Game” article focusing on Chris Roberts.
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator – Over on Facebook, they’ve detailed what’s new in version 2.0, and have released some lovely new screenshots as well. I really need to get a group together and play this.
  • EVE Online – The official site has a summary post covering the massive battle of 6VDT. The Mittani is reporting the theft of 350 billion ISK from TEST’s coffers as well as a look at the rebalanced HAC.
  • Star Trek Online – Part three of their visit by Priority One has been posted.
  • Star Conflict – There are three new starter packs on Steam that are all piratical in nature. Arrrrrr!
  • Expansion – You may recall a little while back that I was contacted by a developer for an upcoming spacey exploration game that had no website yet, sadly. Well, today he sent some very early shots of the game along, and I’ll put those in a gallery below the cut.

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one!

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Massive Newsey Updatey Thingy!!

All those little dots are news stories...

So Many Pieces of News…

Haaaaaaaayyyyy folks, happy Whenever-I-Finally-Post-This! ;) I hope these last weeks have found you all well, and less busy/tired than I’ve been. ;) I’ve just not had time to do the news (or much else) in the past several weeks. That’s a-changing though, for a couple of reasons. First, work is slowing down, so I’ll have more physical and mental energy to put toward the blog. Secondly, I found I was more productive on the blog before my awesome girlfriend moved in, so I’ve come up with the hopeful solution of setting aside certain nights of the week, and weekends when I have time, to dedicate time and energy solely to this blog. This should help me find a better balance and begin to put out content more regularly again. :)

As for news, let’s just dive in, as there’s a TON to go over (so much so I’m putting it under a cut):

Enjoy the Onslaught…


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Imperium Galactica Stargazer Incoming!!

Imperium Galactica Stargazer Random Shot

This Is Just From the TEASER Website. So Pretty…

While most news goes into the daily digest, I’m just too much of an Imperium Galactica fan to not give this some extra attention. According to a press release, the Digital Reality folks have just launched a tech demo of its new Stargazer engine, which will be used in an upcoming online Imperium Galactica game! Apparently the engine is capable of randomly generating planets in real-time among other things, and you can download a Windows-only (or I’d be downloading it right now) tech demo by going to the site and registering. I can’t wait to see more, so I’ll bring you more info as I get it. Thanks for reading, and click below for the entire press release if you’d like.

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New Games I’ve Been Made Aware Of…

Star Made Screenshot

That Sure Is a Lotta Legos...

So thanks to Doctor Roxo on the forum and Adam over on Space Sector, I’ve been made aware of a few new games I wanted to share with y’all. These include:

  • Open-IG – An new open source version of Imperium Galactica.
  • Pytheas – A spacey construction and exploration game.
  • Star Made – A Minecraft style space construction and exploration game.
  • Oresome- A spacey construction and…exploration game…

Thanks to Doc and Adam for the tips. If you know of a game that I’ve not put on my list or mentioned yet, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!


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Beyond Beyaan Q&A: Lofty Goals, Passion and Ambition

Beyond Beyaan Screenshot

Could This Be the Next Master of Orion?

I was engaged in an email conversation with the creator of Beyond Beyaan, Brent “Zeraan” Patterson, about his upcoming game, when he hit me with the following statement — which he said I could quote — after asking me if I like Master of Orion 1 over MoO 2 (don’t worry, I love ‘em both):

Yeah, both have its pros and cons. Here’s a secret: My plan is to kick MoO 1/2 off of its pedestal, and have BB be the new 4X TBS game to be compared to :) But in order to do this, I have to have all the best elements from both games available in BB. So this means that BB must be very moddable so if people want to “recreate” MoO 1/2, they can do so in BB. This means that I will add “options” that you turn on or off in a config file, such as single ships (MoO 2) or stacked ships (MoO 1), leaders on/off, buildings on/off, etc. However, I won’t be limited to just the best features of MoO 1/2, I plan on adding my own features. There’s already one such feature, the planet management screen where you can manage all of your planets from one spot. Neither had that, and as a result, suffered from tedious micromanagement issues (MoO 2 more so).

My plan for BB is similar to Dwarf Fortress, keep on maintaining and adding new features long after release. It’s more of my hobby, something that I enjoy doing in my free time, than an attempt to capitalize on the game. However, it’s very helpful to have support from the community (balancing, finances for artwork/sounds, etc).

One thing that I’ve noticed is that after the game is mostly playable, it’s easier to work on it. The hardest part was setting it all up (pathfinding, galaxy generation, turn processing, etc). This is where most projects failed, but I’m now past that point. I can now focus on the fun stuff, such as space combat. It’s easier to stay motivated now, because now I can go “Oh, what fun feature can I add?” and work on items that I want, instead of being overwhelmed with necessary features that I need to implement to make it playable.

It’s kinda like when you create a FPS, the hardest part would be setting up the engine, creating a level, implementing a weapon, adding collision detection, etc. Then once you have a functioning game, you can add new monsters, new weapons, new features that’s not necessary to make the game playable, but adds fun factor.

Impressively awesome, huh? He then offered to answer more questions, so I asked him a bunch, the answers to which you can read by clicking below. Enjoy!

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