Hailing Frequencies Open – 6/2/17 – Geez, What a Week.

Such a Gorgeous Game…

Hello everyone, and welcome to Friday! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, the day TOTALLY got away from me, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t have time to even update the streaming sites before we went live yesterday with Drox Operative. Speaking of which, that was a GREAT time last night, as the game always is. We linked up with Hamachi — which worked well once we all went through the initial setup — and failed a sector before moving onto another one. I just can’t get over how good the game is. It’s so great I didn’t even notice two hours had gone by until I was getting hunger pangs for dinner. This is a game I actually have to avoid playing because I’ll play nothing else if I dive in, but it’s definitely a desert island game for me. Top of the mountain.

Today also marks the closure of both the Starpoint Gemini Warlords and Everspace series. Both games are just so great that I totally plan to make time for them in the coming weeks and months, which is not something I always do with a game.  Starting with Starpoint Gemini Warlords, I’m still in the early part of the game wherein the game explains to me how to take over some territory, which is so, so fun. This game is truly, truly fantastic. While I never fully clicked with the previous games, I have with this one (having a fleet along helps a great deal, since I’m still terrible at combat). They’ve managed to merge 4X elements and base building on top of a refined engine that streamlines the gameplay of the last game really well. I’ve played a good deal more since I made this video and am having a blast with it.

For Everspace, in today’s video, I tried out the hard difficulty mode, and lasted three to six minutes at most. They weren’t kidding when they labeled this difficulty level, because geeeeeeeezy christmas is it difficult. Overall though, Everspace is a great experience. Phenomenal flight engine with superb, smooth graphics with fun, randomly generated levels and solid progression. The only thing, the ONLY thing I wish it had was some sort of “target closest enemy” button. That is really all it needs to be freaking superb. Right now it’s just mostly superb.

This weekend is going to be very tight, gaming-wise, because we’re just so busy. Beyond seeing Wonder Woman tomorrow, we have two birthday parties. It’s kind of a problem because SO MANY GAMES have come out of late that I’m actually, I think for the first time ever, backlogged. I’ve spent part of this week with Icarus Starship Command Simulator (which I am REALLY enjoying) and just have to do one more video to finish that one up. I then have to find time to record some videos of StarSmashers (which I’ve not even touched yet). If I have ANY time left over (which is REALLY unlikely), my time will likely go to LOGistICAL, which is just the relaxing experience I’ll need because OMG So busy.

Alright, to news, for there is a lot!

In sales, we only have a couple:

WHEW! That took a while, but it was worth it. Thanks folks, and have a great weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

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