Let’s Play Starlight Inception – Entry 1 – What the Clunk?!


Starlight Inception was one of the first Kickstarter campaigns I ever kicked to, it being also one of the first high-profile space games to come to the crowdsourcing site. Fast forward almost exactly two years later, and the game finally dropped on Steam just last week. Since the game is also on the Playstation Vita (which, if you don’t own one, you should), I reasoned that the game should be primarily played with a gamepad. As you’ll see in the video, this might’ve been a mistake as the controls are cluuuuuunky. In this first installment, I’ll play through the first two missions in the game, and in the NEXT installment, I’ll try my joystick. ;) Enjoy! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Starlight Inception – Entry 1 – What the Clunk?!

  1. Good luck with the joystick; when I tried it (Thrustmaster T16000m) it wouldn’t unpause. Maybe they’ve fixed that…

    1. Well that’s encouraging. :/ Let’s hope indeed that it’s been fixed…

  2. Was the frame rate janky or was that an artifact of recording/streaming?

  3. Joystick support is really weird. I mean REALLY weird.

    First of all, the game cannot fathom that you might be using both joystick and a mouse (at the same time! Mad, I know). So have fun walking in the ship with the stick (if only that was actually a walking stick).

    Secondly, just dare to use the mouse durnig spaceflight and the game will autochange your controls to mouse. Because… I really, really don’t know.

    And the stick controls themselves are rather clunky. The sensitivity just feels off.

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