Let’s Play Starlight Inception – Entry 1 – What the Clunk?!

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4 Responses

  1. Nack says:

    Good luck with the joystick; when I tried it (Thrustmaster T16000m) it wouldn’t unpause. Maybe they’ve fixed that…

  2. carllundstedt says:

    Was the frame rate janky or was that an artifact of recording/streaming?

  3. Gorkomatic says:

    Joystick support is really weird. I mean REALLY weird.

    First of all, the game cannot fathom that you might be using both joystick and a mouse (at the same time! Mad, I know). So have fun walking in the ship with the stick (if only that was actually a walking stick).

    Secondly, just dare to use the mouse durnig spaceflight and the game will autochange your controls to mouse. Because… I really, really don’t know.

    And the stick controls themselves are rather clunky. The sensitivity just feels off.

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