Endless Space – Disharmony: Bringing Fun Into Attunement?

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9 Responses

  1. Jorus says:

    To each his own.

    Appreciate your comments (although many of the features you mentioned were already in ES), but I like the game (even thought the combat does suck and the AIs could be more aggressive). I won’t go into the fine details but in general I prefer ES over DW (for example) because my ships/fleets do what I tell them to do. The ship/fleet management system is simple and it works, while DW’s is complicated and I am constantly surprised by the boneheaded moves made by DW’s captains/admirals.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      “I prefer ES over DW”.

      Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get insane now. ;) Seriously, welcome to the comments, and yeah, I feel this is gonna be one of those polarizing titles for me, you know? I’m glad you dig it though, but it ain’t my thing.

      • Lee says:

        Hi Brian,

        Thank you for the preview, I’m of the same opinion as you on the base ES game. It didn’t grab me and I’ve been waiting for the expansion to see if the battle system improved. Unfortunately from your notes it sounds like it really hasn’t changed that much which is a shame. I’ll probably pass on this.
        As for the comments above regarding Distant Worlds, well I must admit I find that to be the better game overall and also you can control your fleets directly and have more than 5 ships per fleet.
        They are two completely different games though, but if I had to recommend one or the other it would be DW every time.

  2. Dave V says:

    Totally agree with your apathy towards the original game. Lots of shiny but once you dig down into the game you realise that there really isn’t much of a challenge for anyone used to space 4x games. Shame to hear the expansion that is supposed to fix this really doesn’t.

  3. Mezmorki says:

    Nice review, thanks.

    I want to love endless space, but I’m left with the same overall impression that you had. Basically it is this: there are very few impactful choices in the game. Everything you do, from picking techs, to designing ships, to making system improvements, are small incremental improvements, and you pretty much end up doing all of it anyway. There are very few hard trade-off choices that you need to make that ever have a big strategic impact on how the game plays out. Essentially – the same plays itself, and the pretty interface only goes so far to keep me engaged before it just bogs down in mundane repetition.

  4. Vara says:

    Fleet cap is increased via research, as is your diplomatic options. As for AI, stick it to the hardest difficulty if you want aggression, although as with any 4x it’s much more fun to play against people…

  5. Seranabrillia says:

    I’m more annoyed with the fact the AI keeps spamming fleets of scouts that keep fleeing when i try to fight them… blockading every turn my planets without me ever able to really get rid of them.. this scout fleet spam gets really annoying, disharmony to my feeling was a bit of a failure AI wise.

  6. Shrike says:

    I think it gets better as you play it. Most of the stuff you mentioned such as fleets are researched and I don’t think you played enough of the game to properly review it. The multiplayer is excellent and it depends which faction the enemy are. For example, I had a nice balanced game as the harmony against the Horatio, and I had plenty of fun yet had never played a 4X game before. I think you jumped to conclusions.

    • Brian Rubin says:


      Hi there Shrike, welcome! Now, I played the original Endless Space for several hours, and it actually got LESS fun the more I played it, as I found more and more things that bugged me about the game. Also, this was a preview. ;) Of an expansion. :) So yeah, it didn’t really do much to cover the issues I had with the original game. Also, I’ll admit I’ve not played multiplayer, but I don’t think I should have to to enjoy a game with a single-player component.

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