Stuff and Things! – Hailing Frequencies for 9/14/17

Tbbbbbppppttt. Jog on.

Hello my friends, and welcome to Thursday! I tell y’all, it’s been a weeeeird week. I worked from home on Tuesday, and doing so always throws me off. I mean it’s nice not having to deal with traffic after a morning podcast — which was awesome by the way and y’all should listen to it — but it just throws off not only my routine for the day, but for the week, really. This plus a super busy time at work has really just drained what little energy I’ve had, so I’ve not even done much gaming. All I’ve really played this week is some Section 8: Prejudice to test it out for tonight’s stream. Shockingly, it worked great, and Teeth and I had a really fun time with a match against bots, which were brutal!

Anyway, moving onto this week’s game, I’ve found that there’s, so far, one thing I’m fairly good at in Space Rangers: running away. I’ve forgotten how brutal the early game here can be. You can barely defend yourself in just about any starting scenario, let alone going against pirates or Dominators. In these latest two entries (numbers three and four below), I have a better time doing missions than anything else, so I’m going to keep doing that. I’m having a great time, but the constant deaths are annoying.

I didn’t play much else — mostly thanks to getting a new phone and having to toy around with it — but I did do SOMETHING gaming related. I finished the novelization of the 1994 space sim extravaganza, Star Crusader, by Bruce Balfour. It stuck fairly close to the game, but fleshed out the universe a bit, which is nice! Why did it take me so long to read it? Because it’s a physical BOOK man, so I could only read it at home. I’ve gotten so used to reading e-books anywhere I want to that feeling anchored to my house in order to read just feels…analog. I’ve got so many physical books to go through those, most notably on Titanfall 2 and Klingon language and culture though, that I’m trying to dive into them, which is why I wanted to finish Star Crusader first. It was a great book, but honestly, it felt REALLY pulpy and at times super cliched. I actually felt the story was better told in the game, but I might be biased. ;)

So tonight we’re playing Section 8: Prejudice, and I cannot wait. It was SO fun the other night, I’m shocked no one is playing it. Well, half-shocked. The hatred people feel toward Games with Windows Live is well-documented and deserved, but it’s a shame both the game and, ultimately, Timegate Studios suffered for it. I’m still sad we’re never going to get another Kohan game. Seriously, I loved those.

Anyway, news, we have some! Yay!

Finally, we have some deals. First up, the news above might explain why Elite Dangerous is on sale today! Second, Endless Space 2 is on sale since it too got a massive patch. Finally, Space Engineers is one sale…’cuz…

See y’all tonight on the stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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