SGJ Podcast #98 – TIE Fighter – The Best Game, or THE BEST GAME?

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8 Responses

  1. Colin Szczygiel says:

    I wish the Japanese had made or would make a Macross space sim. Could you imagine?

    • tsubasanut says:

      Robotech battlecry? though it was on ps2 and it is “american” version of Macross, but there was lots of sim there. Tough as nails also. Worst was some escort mission, one of likes Brian loves some much (grin).
      Also some alpha version of mod for Freespace 2 is out there, but it was dropped unfortunately in some 2003.

  2. tsubasanut says:

    Maybe not on the theme, but Brian, did you know there was a glich in Privateer 2, that was allowing you to fly to the planet like 3 time faster. Just hit afterburners and aim above planet so it will not be visible. you will arrive at autodocking range close to the time afterburner scale run out. Funny thing, the kinda similar glich was present in first Privateer: in asteroid field you can hit AB and swing nose in wide ark up/down with 4-5 seconds amplitude. You will NEVER get hit by any rock, they will all fly by. Guess simulating proper 3d space was not easy at that time.
    About tractor beam – one you get the hang of it – it’s a huge cheating machine . Maybe it was easier to keep hold with mouse. I almost regreted it existence ,since Tie Defender+ tractor has made late missions so easy they had become boring sometime. Practically nothing can stop you and you only fight against time and mission plot, never against opponents.

  3. tsubasanut says:

    Never heard before of UMB podcast, digging it now and loving the heck out of it. Early 90-th, what a memories! Oh, and i do remember Marcello Mastroianni, 10th victim movie was quite fun.

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