Spacey Snippets – 2/7/12

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Hey y’all, been busy here in my world, but it’s also been busy in the realm of spacey news as well. Let’s jump right into it, shall we? :)

  • The folks at Gamercast have an interview regarding Drox Operative with the game’s creator, Steven Peeler. It’s a great read, so check it out.
  • According to a recent press release, Battlestar Galactica Online will be beta testing new carrier-class vessels.
  • If y’all haven’t seen it, there’s a new community website for EVE Online.
  • In SOL: Exodus news, Giant Bomb has one of their quick looks of the game, the Escapist has a review, and yet another new update has been released.
  • Vendetta Online has a new update that adds a buncha stuff.
  • There’s a new blog post about polishing Beyond Beyaan based on feedback.
  • Space Sim Central has a review of Moon Breakers, which I also have to take a look at.
  • The official Lunar Flight website has been updated with a series of tutorials to help you learn how to play the game better. There’s also a list of changes for the next update on their forums.
  • The excellent Escape Velocity clone Naev is now on Desura.
  • Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter has received yet another update.
  • Star Conflict is approaching their closed beta phase. I should try to take a look at this one too.
  • A new build of Miner Wars 2081 is available with a first mission prototype, an updated HUD and more, and the website also has new screenshots to show off.
  • Space Sector has a preview of StarDrive, which is looking better all the time.
  • Blues News reports that Star Trek Online recently turned two years old. Aaaawwwww, it’s near toddler age now. Adorable. ;)
  • Legends of Pegasus has some new screenshots, which you can see by clicking the link below.
  • Finally, in non-gamey news, the Concept Ships blog has some fantastic ship designs by Evgeny Buryat Onutchin, as well as some images of spaceships from the neat-looking fan movie, Dark Resurrection.

And that’s it. Have a great day everyone!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Snippets – 2/7/12

  1. I thought for just the tiniest of split seconds that Miner Wars 2081 was an updated version of Miner 2049er. Unless the screen shots are seriously misrepresentative of the actual game, this does not appear to be so.

    1. Wow, I barely remember that one, but I do. :) Sadly no, not an upgrade to that. ;)

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