The Entirety of the X-Wing Series is Now on Steam!

Boom. Finally.
Boom. Finally.

While they made their digital debut on GOG a while back (and I love GOG for bringing them to the digital arena), almost as big a deal is that now you can get X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X:Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance on Steam for $9.99 each, or in an amazing pack which includes all four games for $26.99. This is huge people, as this can only help get these (mostly) amazing games (Sorry Alliance, you’re not amazing. Yeah, I said it…) into more hands. Maybe we’ll see more folks on GameRanger (where we play many a Thursday) too! YAY! If you’ve not purchased these games already, and were hoping to get them on Steam, now you have no excuse NOT to own them. GOG is also having a fantastic bundle deal as well. Again, check these games out folks if you’ve not already, and don’t let their age deter you, they’re still some of the finest space combat games around.

Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “The Entirety of the X-Wing Series is Now on Steam!

  1. Also Brian, and more importantly IMO, Gog finally has the TRUE versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter – the DOS CDs! I bought the others c’os I wanted to encourage them to get the worthy ones, and now that they have I encourage EVERYONE to buy them. I don’t know if Steam has the DOS CDs, but Gog gave them as a free upgrade to everyone who had purchased the games prior, which is… well, to be honest, typical of Gog. I like Steam, but Gog has found a place in my heart.

    1. Finally – the community has been waiting for the CD DOS versions for quite some time.

      GOG really do care, now if they could make purchases available on steam (as Humble Bundle does), the pc gaming world would be in (near) perfect harmony.. :D

      1. Welcome to the blog! And yeah, one of GOG’s big things is having no DRM, and since Steam is essentially DRM, it’s unlikely they’ll include steam keys. That would be amazing, though, to be sure.

    2. That is pretty awesome, to be sure. I tried it last night, and it worked like a champ.

  2. Just looked at reviews on Steam, and it seems that those versions are not the DOS CDs. Looks like those are exclusive to Gog, so far.

    Gog also has a lot of other Star Wars games on sale for May the Fourth, including some that they just acquired for sale.

  3. XWA was fine. And I blasted many TIE Fighters, with my humble slow moving merchant ship. But it turned in a “bad” racing game, with the Death Star Run. I bought both bundles, even though I also have the boxed versions!!!!

  4. So yeah – I uninstalled the 1998 versions.. the iMuse music coupled with VirtualMidiSynth and the “Timbres of Heaven” sound font is just too good to miss when playing the Win95 versions.

    If Disney would release the XvT engine source code, people could upgrade that game and X-Wing 95/Tie Fighter 95 to be much more accommodating modern systems, alas I don’t think that will ever happen..

    1. Yeah, while the redbook audio is nice, it’s not iMuse.

      And man, if they released the source code, that would be amazing.

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