Hailing Frequencies Open – 4/25/17 – The Mechanics of it All…

So Colors. Much Fog.

Hey friends, happy Podcast day! I am super duper very much looking forward to our podcast tonight. Over on the Discord server last week, after our last podcast, user rmtz suggested we talk about why Freespace 2 and TIE Fighter were still unbeaten in terms of space dogfighting. I’ll never shy away from talking about either of those games, so I’m happy to talk about them tonight. I hope you’ll join us in what should be a pretty fun discussion.

Moving on, today is video two in the Flatspace IIk series. I think I chose the mercenary occupation because it’s so mission-focused, and I do love missions. In this second video, I use the money from said missions to get a new hyperdrive, which gives my ship much farther range. I keep planning to do missions to get bigger and better ships once they’re unlocked, and I can’t wait. Heck, I might even get good at combat eventually.

Last night, I had a little time to myself, so I ended up loading up the latest iteration of Starsector. WOW that game has come a long way since I played it last. The combat engine has always been excellent, even when I purchased my copy around six years ago (yeah, it’s been in development a while), but the larger campaign game with the generated universe is AMAZING. Full systems with ships and stations, varied skills, fun missions ALL ON TOP of an already fantastic combat engine. I am DEFINITELY going to find time to play more of this, so keep an eye out for a video soonnnnish. ;) Tonight after the podcast I’ll likely play some more of that plus the newly-updated Titanfall 2.

Now let’s move onto news, for there is a ton of it for just a twenty-four hour period:

That should do it my friends! See y’all on the podcast tonight!

Author: Brian Rubin

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