The Last Federation from Arcen Games Incoming

More Arcen Space Gaming! Yay!
More Arcen Space Gaming! Yay!

So appaaaaaarently, the folks at Arcen Games are making a new space game, but this time it has nothing to do with their popular AI War series. This new game, called The Last Federation is…

…a space-based mix of strategy and tactics in which you control a small mercenary fleet on an unusual mission: the formation of the first and last solar federation. Undertake mercenary contracts, fight pirates, customize ships, research technologies, and use your growing bargaining power to strong-arm planetary governments into doing your will.

Color me intrigued! (Is intrigued a color of something?) ;) Seriously though, Arcen has been pumping out quality release after quality release for a while now, and I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on this one. I’ll bring you more info as I get it!

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