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Pretty Much This, Yeah…

So this has been a heckuva week. Remember when I posted the other day that I was busy with a big project and stuff, which is why I hadn’t posted much this week? Well, it gets better. Tuesday night, I did a little work for the blog here, then woke up Wednesday morning feeling kinda funky. This progressed all day until I went home early. The cold REALLY hit that night and Thursday, so I stayed home.

That SAME NIGHT, my girlfriend somehow got a stomach bug, which kept us both up all night. It god bad enough that we went to the doctor. She’s better now thanks to drugs.

I, however, still feel fairly craptastic, enough that I neither have he energy nor mental focus to do anything non-work related (besides drive I s’pose). I therefore just wanted to chime in and let y’all know why I’ve not posted in a few days. I hope to get plenty of rest this weekend and get back on the horse next week. :) Thanks as always for your patience and your visit. Have a great day/weekend!

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  1. Psycho Society says:

    Feel better soon, mate.

  2. Peter S says:

    Get well soon!

  3. strangeblades says:

    What did I tell you the last time you got sick Ensign? WHAT DID I SAY?! That’s right. You have to inspect the ‘faulty’ airlock.

  4. tiagocc0 says:

    Hope you get better soon! =D

  5. Senil says:

    Feel better soon man!

  6. Stian says:

    Hope you get better soon!

  7. Brian Rubin says:

    Thanks for all the well-wishes folks. Still feeling craptastic today, but these things usually worsen before they improve. :) I’d give y’all a hug, but…yeah…not right now. ;)

  8. Malc says:

    Get well soon SGJ!

  9. Jediwoman says:

    Hope things look up for you soon, Brian.

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