Spacey Game News – 11/8/12

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  1. frptunz says:

    Hey, thanks for the usual excellent daily news scoop! What would Braben present, I wonder.
    Never tried Drox – now is the time to check if I was wrong, downloading the demo. By the way, I know, it’s not in your fromat, but Firefly studios has just released Space Colony HD – a remake of their space colony building strategy. Never played it back in 2003, but since it’s only $8 or so, I’m thinking to try it out too.

      • frptunz says:

        I really liked the concept art presented in the video – very stylish yet surprisingly close to the original ship design. And what is even more interesting is the interior shots. Looks like they might aim to make interior seen through the blast holes during fight – somethiing I’ve been dreaming to see in a space sim for a loooong loooong time.
        Overall, Braben speech was very weak. Half ov it was simply voicing over the initial written pinch. And If he has had the concept of this game in his head for years, like he says, it sure must be crystalized to some strong clear idea. Not his meekish bunch of “maybes”. “Exploring is amazing, we will have exploring”. Co-op id amazing, we will have co-op, _maybe_”. Damn, I feel like he’s trying to sell me some soap or shower gel with some hidden unknown side effects.
        Seriously, now I know who the real Illusive man is – Brabens evasive speech skills are better than some of the toughest PR managers out there :)

  2. frptunz says:

    Oh, and I just realized: haven’t seen any news from the Egosoft team about their X Rebirth project. And it was supposed to be out in 2012! Do you have any new info on hem?

  3. frptunz says:

    Wow, Brian, thanks for mentioning Solar War. Got a demo of it and it reminded me of Stars! immidiately.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yay! That’s part of why I’m doing all this, to bring light to games folks (like me if I wasn’t doing this) might miss otherwise. :)

  4. EBM says:

    The header pic is basically what pops into my head whenever I see a new daily compilation post. All the latest space game news read by your friendly neighborhood GNN robot!

  5. Psycho Society says:

    LOVING the demo for drox operative! Thanks for the heads up. Gets a little choppy on this netbook, but still great fun. Loved Din’s Curse, the Space/4x setting is even more amazing. Emergent gameplay is pretty much my favorite thing.

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