Woohoo! Star Citizen is Successfully Crowdfunded Several Times Over!!

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Is it 2014 Yet? ;)

As I write this, the crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen — using both its own site and Kickstarter — raised $6,238,563 with nearly 90,000 backers! That’s more than three times their original goal of $2,000,000. That is FREAKING amazing, and I know I speak for everyone space sims everywhere when I say congratulations and thank you to Chris Roberts and the team behind both the game and campaign. You all have done a fantastic job, and I can’t wait to see what y’all deliver once y’all get to work on the game. :) I am so excited for 2014 now it’s silly. :)

I also hope that other developers and publishers who previously gave up on space sims and its fans take note. We’re still here, we still want space sims, and we’re willing to pay for them.

I’m honestly near tears for the possibilities this could mean not just for this game, but for the genre as a whole.

Now, who wants to be in the Space Game Junkie guild? ;) Head over to the forum and we’ll talk more. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

18 thoughts on “Woohoo! Star Citizen is Successfully Crowdfunded Several Times Over!!

  1. Sign me up!

    Apparently, as original pledges, we can still buy upgrades as time goes on… how about we shoot for a SGJ Corvette?

  2. We totally should get a Corvette. Let’s talk over on the forums about the guild. :)

  3. Brian, it was thanks to you that I learned of Star Citizen, and I share your excitement for the game and what this means for the genre. I would like to list you as my referrer, so that we both get a chance for prizes! What email address should I enter to link your account to mine?

    Again, thank you for letting us know about the crowd funding project!

    1. Hey neilcreek, welcome to the blog, and thanks so much! I’m glad you’re excited about the game, and thanks for the offer of being a referrer. :) My username is brianrubin and my email over there is brian at spacegamejunkie dot com. :) Thanks again!

      1. Done! Best of luck to both of us in the prize draw. I feel like the time has FINALLY come for the space game fan. Thanks to you and your blog for your role in this :) See you out there!

        1. Best of luck indeed, and you’re so welcome. It’s my pleasure to make as many folks aware of all the space gamey goodness out there. :)

  4. Speaking of rferring Brian, does anyoneactually have a fieldo fill in an email address? I don’t…

    1. Yeah, when I put in my pledge at the RSI site, there was a field for a referrer.

        1. I donated via kickstarter, and on my account page, while it says to enter the email in the field below, there is no field anywhere to enter an email address…

            1. Hmmmm, maybe once they sync your account with your Kickstarter pledge you’ll be able to do that?

  5. Quite the heavy funding they achieved. It seems RSI know how to do a Kickstarter campaign! Hope the game turns out well, too.

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