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Still My Favorite…

Welcome to this week’s podcast my friends! This week, Jim, Hunter and I bring back on our friend, Chase “Scharmers” Dahl — formerly of the Flight Sim Follies and a bunch of other stuff — to talk shop with us. I invited him on because, other than another gentleman who sadly couldn’t join us, I consider him one of the luminaries of flight sim history. This is because this week, we took a break from space games to talk another passion of ours, flight sims! We’re massive fans of flight sims going all the way back to the 80s, so as you can see from the list below, we have a tooooohooooohooon to talk about. And talk we do, as we’re all very passionate about the subject, so we cover a ton of ground. We hope you enjoy this little break from space games. Honestly we had so much fun with it we’ll likely do another topic show like it, next time on mecha games. :)

Don’t forget we also still have a contest running! If you leave us a (hopefully positive) review on iTunes, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of the many game codes I have, from the entire Wing Commander series on GOG to all of the X-Wing games on Steam. Once you’ve left a review, screenshot it and email it to! The contest runs for a few more weeks, so get on it! Every ten entries adds another winner, so ten entries will yield one winner, twenty entries, two winners, etc.

Next week on the show…I honestly don’t know yet. I’ve invited a guest and saved a space for them, but nothing’s been confirmed yet, so it’s still up in the air! Whatever we do, we’ll make it fun! As always, if you have a question or comment about the show, drop them in the comments below, email us at or hit us up on the forums. Thanks for listening y’all, and enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Games Mentioned

  • Space Engineers
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Red Baron
  • Aces over The Pacific
  • Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
  • Flight of the Intruder
  • Megafortress
  • F/A-18 Interceptor
  • F-29 Retaliator
  • EF2000
  • TFX
  • IL-2
  • SU-27
  • Falcon 3
  • DCS/Flaming Cliffs
  • Jane’s Fighter Anthology
  • Jane’s USAF
  • Novalogic F-16/Mig-29
  • Jane’s F-15
  • Jane’s F/A-18
  • Jane’s Longbow 2
  • Hind
  • Chuck Yaegar’s Sims
  • European Air War
  • Strike Fighters 2
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Apache
  • Gunship!
  • Screamin’ Demons
  • Jane’s Attack Squadron
  • Wings over Flanders Fields
  • Red Baron 3D
  • Tornado
  • F29 Retaliator
  • F-16 Combat Pilot
  • Birds of Prey
  • Fighter Squadron: Screaming Demons Over Europe
  • Apache: Air Assault
  • X-Plane
  • Flight Simulator X
  • Bioforge
  • Crimson Skies
  • Freelancer
  • Starfarer
  • Secret Weapons over Normandy
  • Combat Air Patrol
  • Combat Air Patrol 2
  • Air Missions: Hind
  • Flying Tigers: Shadows over China
  • 1942: Dogfight
  • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
  • Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol
  • Warbirds
  • M1 Tank Platoon 2
  • War Thunder
Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #196 – The Flight Sim Show

  1. If someone made a decent modern Apache sim I’d be all over that. I played the hell out of Longbow 2 and F-15E and, back in the day, DI’s Tornado from 1993. Really, any bomber or attack sim with good weapons modeling and mission planning is right up my alley. Cracking an air defense puzzle is a lot more interesting to me than dogfighting.

    1. Yeah, the reasons you mentioned are some of the reasons I love Tornado so much. SO much.

  2. EF2000!!! What a fine sim!!!!! Reasonably complex but accesible at the same time. Nowdays my “survey” sim of choice is Strike Fighters 2. No more time for anything more serious!!

    1. Would you say SF2 is worth picking up? Chase seemed against it since TK doesn’t update it any longer…

  3. He seems more interested in his mobile games these days (and a couple arcade sims for Windows 10), and even though bought every game up to SF2:North Atlantic (except SF2:Israel), I have not played them as much as I liked!! Campaign wise I am still playing the original (Middle East in the 50’s I think!!). But the era is very interesting, and flying a Hunter or an A-4 Skyhawk is a blast!!! (Bombing with iron sights). Buy the latest ( SF2:North Atlantic), and if you like it, continue with the rest!!

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