SGJ Podcast #196 – The Flight Sim Show

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5 Responses

  1. If someone made a decent modern Apache sim I’d be all over that. I played the hell out of Longbow 2 and F-15E and, back in the day, DI’s Tornado from 1993. Really, any bomber or attack sim with good weapons modeling and mission planning is right up my alley. Cracking an air defense puzzle is a lot more interesting to me than dogfighting.

  2. Captain Kal says:

    EF2000!!! What a fine sim!!!!! Reasonably complex but accesible at the same time. Nowdays my “survey” sim of choice is Strike Fighters 2. No more time for anything more serious!!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Would you say SF2 is worth picking up? Chase seemed against it since TK doesn’t update it any longer…

  3. Captain Kal says:

    He seems more interested in his mobile games these days (and a couple arcade sims for Windows 10), and even though bought every game up to SF2:North Atlantic (except SF2:Israel), I have not played them as much as I liked!! Campaign wise I am still playing the original (Middle East in the 50’s I think!!). But the era is very interesting, and flying a Hunter or an A-4 Skyhawk is a blast!!! (Bombing with iron sights). Buy the latest ( SF2:North Atlantic), and if you like it, continue with the rest!!

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