Let’s Preview 3030 Deathwar Redux

Busy Galaxy!
Busy Galaxy!

Welcome to 3030 Deathwar Redux my friends! In this new iteration of a beloved 2007 game, you play John Falcon, scavenger, adventurer, taxi driver and so on. This is a top down space adventure and combat game akin to Escape Velocity and other games of this ilk, with a very intentional 80s aesthetic in terms of look, feel, music, etc. The writing is funny, the music is amazing, and the gameplay is damned fun and engaging. In this entry, after a stupid little death, I take on a mission to photograph someone on a station, which takes me a long way from my usual stomping grounds, but it’s a good excuse to explore and unveil several systems in the game for later reference. It makes for a fun little space road trip. I then do a small cargo hauling mission. This game is really awesome you guys, so I do encourage y’all to check it out. Also of note, I’m using a ModMic Omni 4.0 for review purposes for this entry, and it’s a mic that can connect to any headset. Pretty nifty!

Author: Brian Rubin

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