Space Rangers HD: A War Apart – An Old Dog with Some New Tricks

Back in the mid 2000s, Space Rangers 2: Dominators — created by Russian-based Elemental Games — surprised many gamers by not only existing at all — I mean, space games were about as close to death at that point as you could get — but also by taking the traditional formula for open space games […]

SGJ Podcast #16: Pirates, Pauls and Squirrels Oh My!

Welllllllcome to episode #16 of the Space Game Junkie podcast. This week, Jim and I have no guest and the baaaaarest thread of a topic. This results in what has to be the most random, off-topic podcast we’ve done yet. I mean what other space game podcast (is there one?) talks about space pirates, Marvel […]

SGJ Podcast #09: Chasing Dots and Games

Welcome to episode #09 of the Space Game junkie Podcast! In this episode, Jim and I bring on Gamers With Jobs CEO Shawn “Certis” Andrich to discuss if space games are just “chasing a dot”, as he called them previous. In a surprise — to me at least, and pleasantly so — the discussion evolves […]

A Few Spacey Sales For Y’all

Hey guys, I’ve found some deals I’d love to make y’all aware of, first a sale then a bundle, so let’s begin. The folks over at GoG are having a 1C sale, which includes a few spacey games, those being: Space Rangers for $4.99 Space Rangers 2: Dominators for $4.99 Star Wolves for $4.99 These […]

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced!!! OMG!!

Well THIS certainly came out of nowhere! Space Rangers 2 is considered one of the greatest space games made in the last ten years, if not ever. It’s amazing universes populated by varied creatures wherein you take the role of a single pilot to do…whatever you want, basically, has been on my hard drive since […]

Happy 50th Birthday Space Games: A Look at How Far We’ve Come

I recently realized that Spacewar! was first released in 1962, fifty years ago. In looking at the game’s Wikipedia entry, the first operational version of the game was released in February, while the version we’ve come to know and love was released in April. Therefore, I’d say now is good enough a time as any […]

Lots of Spacey Gamey Deals on GamersGate!

GamersGate has a ton of spacey game deals, including: Master of Orion for $1.48, Master of Orion II for $2 and a double pack for $2.98. Even though it was awful, they also have Master of Orion 3 for $4.98. Really Big Sky for $8.99 Evochron Renegades, Evochron Legends for $13.97, Evochron Mercenary for $17.47 […]

2011 Space Game Holiday Buying Guide

So it’s the time of year where presents must be bought, whether for friends or loved ones, and if you have that person in your life that loves space games, or is new to space games and wants to play more, it can be confusing to know what to get ‘em. There are a goodly […]