Some Spacey Gamey Deals

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Go! Buy! Save!

Hey folks, I’m still mired in work and such, but I wanted to let y’all know of some deals going on at the moment covering some spacey game goodness.

First, Steam’s weeklong deals include the following:

  • AI War Collection for $4.24 (AMAZING deal right there, seriously, best I’ve ever seen for all this specific content) as well as the base game and individual DLC being 75% off apiece
  • Space Empires Collection for $4.99 which includes both IV and V, which are also 75% off apiece. Personally I’d say go for IV and skip V, but maybe you’re a completest like me, I dunno. ;)

Then, GetGames is having an Indie Carnival, and apparently the discount gets deeper the more games you add to the cart. The spacey games they have include (and remember, these prices I believe change if you add more to the cart):

That’s it for now folks. I’ll be getting back on the update horse soonish, but until then, happy gaming. :)


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Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 6/13-14/13: The Freaking Exhausted Edition

News and Coffee


Helllloooooo everyone, and happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, the day just got away from me and I just had no energy left by the end of it. That kinda bleeds into today, where I’m staying home because I slept soooo poorly last night (and for the last few weeks, honestly) that I could barely get out of bed. Also, some moron ringing my doorbell at 2 AM didn’t help. I’ve barely had energy for anything of late, even gaming, sadly. I hope that getting a bunch of extra rest today helps with that. Now, with that said, there’s a good bit of news and deals to get through, so let’s get to it.

But wait, we have more. There’s a good amount of deals happening right now as well! :)

  • First off, today’s daily deal on Steam is Strike Suit Zero for $9.99.
  • Steam is also having a weekend deal on Kerbal Space Program for $15.40, which is a freaking steal people for how much stuff there is here.
  • Then, the latest Indie Gala bundle includes both Sword of the Stars Complete and Star Ruler, plus a bunch of other games, for $5.96 currently.
  • The Indie Gala store has deals on both Space Empires IV Deluxe for $4.99 and Space Empires V for $2.99.
  • Finally, GamersGate is having a Stardock Weekend which includes deals on both Galactic Civilizations games and all of the Sins of a Solar Empire stuff.

And that’s it folks. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend!

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Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies 4/24-26/13: The Everybody’s Working for the Weekend Edition

It's the News!

News from Around the World! ;)

Hellloooo folks, and happy Friday! Sorry I missed news over the last couple of days, work totally got away from me. There’s a lot of goodness to go over, so let’s get to it and start the weekend right, shall we? :)

And now, onto the deals, of which there are several, including:

That’s it friends!! Have a great weekend, and may it be full of awesome gaming!

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Spacey Game News and Deals 2/25-26/13: Catching Up Edition

News Satellite Dish


Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, had a dentist appointment and no time to put into this, sadly. Fun times! This mean I have news from today, yesterday and the weekend to cover, so let’s dive in!

Next up, sales, and there’s a good chunk of stuff! Steam is having several midweek sales, which includes the following:

Finally, related news! First, since we cover older games here, I though that a new version of the Amiga emulator WinUAE being released was somewhat relevant, thanks to Indie Retro News for the update. Next, I missed this somehow but Artem Bank — the gentleman who composed the amazing music for Star Ruler — has two new bits of music out, “Facebook 5” and “Natural” which sound great. Finally, the Concept Ships blog has fantastic ships from Joseph Cross and a gorgeous orbiter concept from Rasmus Poulsen.

That’s it folks! WHEW! Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

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Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies – 12/21/12

It's the News!

Bring On the News!

Hey everyone, happy Friday! As this will very likely be the last thing I post before Christmas day, I wanted to wish all those who celebrate the holiday a joyous, fun, and present-filled holiday. :) Now let’s jump into some news and deals!

Now onto deals, of which there are a bunch today. First off, GamersGate’s holiday sale seems to be in full force, and they have the following funness:

WHEW. Now, we’re not done yet, because DotEmu is also having a sale, which includes the following:

NOW we’re done, and I need a nap. ;) Again, have a wonderful and festive holiday folks, and thanks as always for visiting. :)

Get’cher Videos Right This Way, Folks!


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Spacey Gamey News and Dealsiness – 12/14-18/12

Newsy News

The News is Back!

Hey folks, happy Tuesday! SO SORRY I didn’t post yesterday, but I was sick as a dog. Apparently I have a bronchial infection, woohoo! It subsided for a week or so but came back full force this past weekend, so badly that I went to the doctor yesterday. Now I have drugs!! Woohoo! So let me bring you up to speed on all the spacey gamey newsiness in my drug-enduced sleepy haze, and enjoy!

SHEEESH! But wait folks, we’re not done! We also have DEALS, starting with a bunch from GamersGate today, which are as follows:

Next up, the Groupees folks have a Build a Greenlight Bundle that includes Salvation Prophecy.

Finally in deals, DotEmu has a bunch, including:

FINALLY, we have some great concept spaceship from MANCHU and Steve Shi from the Concept Ships blog.

WHEEEEW! Thanks for your patience folks, REALLY appreciate it. Once I get better and the holidays are over I should be able to resume something of a normal schedule and get more actual content out. :) Have a great day y’all!

This Way for All The Videos!


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