SGJ Podcast #34: Hanging Out on a Mandate…

Our Shields are Collapsing!

Our Shields are Collapsing!

Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I sit down with Producer and Lead Designer Ole Herbjørnsen and Art Director Garret AJ to talk about their currently Kickstarted game, The Mandate. We learn a lot about the game, its evolution, its history and even play around a little with its ship designer and such. It was a damned fun podcast to record, and should make for a fun listen. :)

As always, we hope you enjoy the show, look forward to your comments below, and invite you to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS. Thanks for listening! :)

Podcast #34 Show Notes:

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Note: I’m swamped this week so rather than listening to the entire show again and building the notes from that — which I sadly don’t have time for — I’m building these from memory, so stuff might be missed. My apologies.


  1. EBMEBM says

    Consider me intrigued. I’ll have to check out the ship designer and other stuff soon.

    In other news, I am so far behind on these podcasts. I think I left off around episode 8 before summer until dropping back in for this one. I grabbed several and put them in a playlist for while I play Terran Conflict again, though. Works pretty well for catching up.

  2. EBMEBM says

    Indeed I am. My weekend was filled with space game info, amusing anecdotes, fascinating stories from various devs, and a legion of Pauls. You and Jim run a great podcast, so don’t ever stop doing them!

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