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Spacey Snippets – 1/17/12

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so sorry if it’s incomplete from the last one. I kinda took a break during the holiday season. With that, here’s some of the latest spacey gamey news! Evochron Mercenary is now available on Steam, and on sale no less. Angry British game journalist TotalBiscuit […]

Spacey Snippets – 12/16/11

Talk about busy! I love the holiday season, but dang if they don’t wreak havoc on the blogging. That being said, lots of stuff has happened! So let’s get to it! Kerbal Space Program has been updated to version 0.13 today. I’ve yet to try this one, but I hear it’s awesome. Star Wars Galaxies […]

Spacey Snippets – 12/1/11

HOLY CRAP what a busy couple of weeks. I mean last week was CRAZY, then I had a vacation, which was AWESOME, then this week has been CRAZY. So yeah, a LOT of crap has happened between my last Spacey Snippets, so let’s dive in, shall we? The folks behind Star Supremacy have been damned […]

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