Let’s Play Galactic Inheritors – Entry 5 – Slogging Along

Yup, I'm Not Going Anywhere...
Yup, I’m Not Going Anywhere…

Welcome back to Galactic Inheritors! In this entry, I’m still stuck between a Xylenth and a Melowar. Unfortunately, since the expansion and exploration portion of this game have ground to a halt for me — without declaring war on someone, of course, which I don’t wanna do because I’m peaceful like that — I’m stuck running out of choices to make each turn. It’s either build that military ship or engage in that media and little else. It reminds me why the exploration portion of 4X games is my favorite, but even in the later game, there should still feel like there’s plenty to do as the focus of the game changes, but here it feels like those meaningful decisions are becoming fewer and further between. Join me as I wonder if I can even do any exploiting or exterminating as I basically do the same stuff I did in the last entry. :/

Author: Brian Rubin

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