Let’s Play Galactic Inheritors – Entry 4 – Turtling

Kitty! Bad Kitty!
Kitty! Bad Kitty!

Welcome back to Galactic Inheritors my friends! In this entry, I’ve reached the limits of where I can peacefully (as well as technically, due to range limitations) explore and expand, so I’m left with exploit and exterminate. Yay? Interestingly, I have tried to remain friends with my two neighbors to the north — the Xylenths and the Melowars — with mixed results. The Xylenths and I have been pals from the beginning, but the Melowars seem keen on paining us negatively to their people in the media. Since I can feel them nipping at our heels, I spend the majority of this entry trying to focus on positive media as well as building our front-line defenses through more military ships. Now that the first two Xs in 4X are done, will the other two be as fun? Watch and find out, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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