How and Why Starflight Still Affects Me Today (Warning: Massive Spoilers Inside)

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8 Responses

  1. Tiago says:

    Holy **** dude, great reading! Also it’s great to know about those gems of the past.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Thanks man, glad you liked it! :)

      • Tinytwo says:

        Long time Reader, first time poster. I couldn’t agree more, great article. Played the heck out of this game when I deployed, a gem among gems, still been trying to find games that scratch this sort of it. I agree with the sense of the universe felt living, as well as lived in.

  2. Brilliant post. I’ve never played that game and it was great to find out what its appeal was.

  3. DTG says:

    My first space game, and it hit me just as hard for the same reasons (and others I’m sure you’ll mention in future posts). I remember it (and its sequel) in far more detail than I do other games I played at the time. I won’t mention my other favorite bits …. I’ll leave the spoiler decisions to you. I will note that the first time I played it, I did NOT destroy the crystal planet…. and if you don’t, you eventually do in fact lose your home base.

  4. Vlad_77 says:

    Great essay Brian. I remember playing this on the Amiga. My girlfriend bought it for me as a surprise. We were both in university at the time and she had an evening seminar that lasted two hours. I told her I would make dinner after checking the game out. In what seemed like two minutes she was back and I said, “Was your seminar canceled?” She laughed and pointed at the clock on the wall. Two hours HAD passed and I hadn’t realized! There are very few games that hooked me so deeply as Starflight and I daresay that even HUGE games like E:D have failed to capture the immersion that Starflight had in spades.

  5. Bugamn says:

    Hey, man. Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to write more content to the site. Now I’m torn between reading it all and buying the game before.

  6. Kelly says:

    Yes, I played this (on my Mac!) not long after it first came out. I think the reason that minor plot twist was so memorable, even after 30 years, was because the game was almost lighthearted as you explored the local stellar neighborhood. And, as you said, the fact that you were essentially forced to continue your murderous ways after the big reveal just made it all the more painful.

    I always smile when you mention this game on the SGJ podcast, just because of how good it really was.

    Scott Manly did a 14-part series of videos on this game not too long ago.

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