Let’s Play Starflight – Entry 2 – Jim’s Dead, Jim


Welcome back to Starflight my friends! In this entry, I figure out (with help) how to bypass the planet-protecting drone that’s guarding a really lovely planet, and then log it for colonization. The money I get from the planet logging helps me improve my ship and my crew. Once that’s done, I go to a neighboring system to do some mining in order to get even more money, and in the process get our communications officer, Jim, killed in what appears to be a freak thunderstorm. I SERIOUSLY did not see that coming. I’m pissed because I invested in training for Jim’s skills, and now all that money is lost, so I need to hire a NEW crewmember and train THEM. UGH. Oh, and I also kinda ticked off the Veloxi a teensy little bit. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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