Let’s Preview Into the Stars – Randomly Cruel, Hilariously Frustrating


Have you ever played FTL and thought to yourself, “I like this, but I wanna see the look on my crew’s face as I lead them to my doom!” Alternatively, have you ever played Oregon Trail and thought, “This is pretty cruel and all, but can we put this in space and make it even MORE cruel?” Well, my friends, your prayers are answered, as Into the Stars is about to hit early access. Into the Stars puts you in the role of Ark 13 as you race across the sector to freedom and safety from the aliens that have all but wiped out humanity. You take this ship (with customized equipment) and your custom-picked crew (with a variety of stats) and survive threats internal (fires, viruses, etc…) and external. It’s a mean, cruel game that is kind of hilarious with what it throws at you, and it forces you to make decisions that could mean life or death for your ship every moment. I play through a couple of rounds, which include fighting, mining, crew management and more, and find a frustratingly fun time. This should definitely satisfy the space sadists in us all. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Let’s Preview Into the Stars – Randomly Cruel, Hilariously Frustrating

  1. I get that it has numbers under the hood, but it seems wacky how your shots are off by 50 degrees when it covers the whole view-screen.

    Kinda like how Morrowind would let you miss blows in melee even if you clearly dropped a claymore on someone’s head.

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