Check In: How Y’all Doin’ and What’Cha All Playin’?

So. Amazing.
So. Amazing.

So I’m liking this new weekly format for the Let’s Play series I’ve been doing. It let’s me dive into a game over the course of several hours and really get a feel for whether it’s fun, whether I’ll keep playing it after the series is over and so on. I have noticed, however, that it’s left other types of content, like previews and such, a bit lacking, so I’m gonna work on that. The site will hopefully continue to evolve and grow, and I’ll be evolving right along with it. That’s part of what this post is about, to get more non-review, non-video content up on the site. I have to push this site more toward fostering conversation, so here we go: How are y’all, and what’cha all playing?

On my end, I just not a new Nintendo 3DS XL (no, not the New 3DS XL, A 3DS XL which happens to be new: Nintendo’s naming is confusing) and as a strategy game fan, I am LOVING IT. I mean Civilization Revolution ALONE is amazing (OMG PORTABLE CIVILIZATION), but Ghost Recon, Age of Empires: Age of Kings, Fire Emblem: Awakenings and so on have all been GLORIOUS so far. Seriously, I wish the Vita had more games like this, but yeah, so far it’s great. On the PC I’ve been playing Unending Galaxy, as you can see for this week’s Let’s Play series, but I’ve also been dabbling with GOG’s recent release of Terra Nova, which is just as incredible as I remembered it. :) Also, GOG’s Galaxy Client is pretty awesome, folks. I’m really liking how streamlined it is and how well it updates my games. I can’t wait until it can do more multiplayer support for games, especially the X-Wing games that support multiplayer. ;)

So what about you guys? What’s goin’ on and what’cha all playin’? :)

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17 thoughts on “Check In: How Y’all Doin’ and What’Cha All Playin’?

  1. Still playing a stupid amount of Warframe (space ninjas), but I like to play some Approaching Infinity when the space gaming rogue-like bug bites me.

  2. Let’s see Witcher 3, Distant star: Revenant fleet and The secret world which is really cool.

  3. Elite: Dangerous. Still flying.

    Frankly, have very little time to consider playing much else. When I have time, I log into Elite and fly.

  4. I’m currently playing in Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, which for some reason I had never played before…

  5. Well I know you’re going to give me grief Brian but one of the games I am playing a lot is Starpoint Gemini 2. Other games eating up time that I should be using writing music and working on sleight of hand magic include Homeworld, Diablo III, Victor Vran, Pillars of Eternity, and Age of Wonders III. I should add that I’ve recently gotten hooked on a nice little seafaring gem called Windward.

    As to what I’ve been doing? I’ve started a new act called Invasion. It’s a tribute show to the great British bands of the 60s and 70s. The show is multimedia and live music and is focused on playing songs that people rarely if ever hear played live like Tomorrow Knows, A Day in the Life, Strawberry Fields, Visions of Paradise, Perfect Strangers, Thick As a Brick, Going to California and many more. The show is roughly 40 percent Beatles and 60 percent the rest of the great bands. Also working on some very cool sleight of hand gambling exposes with cards, so, if you are ever up for a Poker game … ;)

    1. Hey, if you dig SG2, I won’t give you grief over it. It just was too grindy even for me.

  6. Alien: Isolation. From time to time, Elite – I have stored my workhorse Python, and now I’m relearning to fly a smaller fighter with fixed weaponry (the Courier). Still stubbornly unaligned.

    Also gathering strength to have another crack at Void Destroyer’s campaign.

    1. OMG are ya sure?! Void Destroyer is a patience destroyer! (sorry sorry not really kinda)

  7. Just finished The Witcher 3 – in my top 5 for RPGs. Fantastic game. Fired up Elite, but still feels pretty empty, so I am back into Planetside 2 and the Unreal Tournament alpha.

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